Ways of using 3D coating in decoration

3D coating

Those looking for a durable material, with a different design and that causes an impacting visual effect in a space, can find all these characteristics in the 3D coating.

Below, check out some ways to use this finish in different spaces of a property.

What is 3D coating

A modern and laid-back feature that has been used in different decoration projects, the 3D coating consists of plates that are installed on the walls giving volume and visual movement to the space.

The plates can be made of different materials, but the safest way that will ensure strength and durability to the finish is porcelain tiles that can be glossy or matte.

Dining room

3D panel

The dining room is a space that asks for a decoration full of personality and details that fill the space in a cheerful and relaxed way.

The dining room wall can be an excellent place to use 3D coating, creating a visual effect that will highlight this part of the room.

Entrance hall

Entrance hall

The entrance represents the place of reception, to welcome residents and visitors as soon as they enter the house, being the business card of the property.

Using prominent finishes such as 3D coating in this space can greatly enhance this space.



The 3D coating does not need to be used all throughout the bathroom, but in a specific area to be the highlight of the room.

The best places to use the material is on the wall of the countertop, where are the sinks and mirror, or even in the shower, highlighting the place.

Always remember that if the place is wet, the coating should be porcelain.


3D coating

In the kitchen, the 3D coating can be used in several ways, especially on the pediment, to make the place even more prominent with the effect of volume and movement of the finish.

Outdoor area

outdoor area

In an outdoor area, the 3D coating can also be used in order to create a focal point.

Because it is a moisture-resistant material, the coating can be used in gardens, swimming pools, and in the entire leisure area of a property.

The 3D coating is an excellent finish to be used in various parts of a house.

The finish, when made with porcelain, is synonymous with durability, valuing the space in which it was used both visually and in resistance.