Kids bedroom: comfort and fun for your child

Planning the decoration of a kid’s bedroom should be a fun time for parents and children.

The children’s bedroom can be playful without necessarily having a specific theme.

Pay attention to the daily life and preferences of the child, allows you to create an ideal space for your child to play, study and rest.

As well as sectoring these spaces in order to facilitate order in the room: the study space needs to be more isolated; drawers and niches work very well, concentrating in one place the school material and books; baskets and boxes make organization easier.

The task can be quite complicated, both for the boy’s bedroom and for the girl’s bedroom, but it is still rewarding, see some tips we have set out to help you when planning a children’s bedroom décor.

Know the tastes of your children

Some parents go wrong in children’s room décor by making their decisions based on their own tastes.

Your son’s bedroom may be wonderful, but it will be even better if it is of his own taste.

Take into consideration and keep in mind what your child likes when decorating the bedroom, after all, it is she who will sleep, study, play and spend most of her time in this place.

Pay attention to your child’s favorite designs and colors, this information can help you a lot in decoration and will make the room reflect the child’s personality.

Depending on their age, your children may even help you choose themes, furniture, wallpaper and decorative objects.

The colors of the children’s bedroom

To choose colors it is important to balance personal tastes of parents and children with the message that each color passes.

Bright colors

Our tip is to bet on primary colors (red, yellow and blue).

Cheerful and perfect for the children’s universe, bright colors are good choices for more relaxed spaces.


Pastel colors are easy to use and result in calm and classic spaces, you just have to choose the color that best matches the decorative line for your bedroom.

Pastel shades are very popular in children’s spaces, as they bring comfort and lightness to the room.

Baby blue, ballerina pink, coral, and variations of llight green, purple and yellow are also good options on high.

Create a space for studies and activities

The bedroom of a human being at the peak of his curiosity and development, needs to have room for your child to have the habit of drawing, studying, and even playing and doing other activities in a suitable place.

Look for a table that is easy to organize, with artificial and natural lighting at your disposal. There are some designs of bedrooms with bunk bed with desk, which is an ideal solution to value the space.

Use fun, functional furniture

There are several formats and designs of fun beds available at the market, beds in the form of cars, airplanes, boats and even bunk beds with slide.

These fun-filled furniture is also often highly functional and with cabinets, drawers and other built-in features.

Bedroom lighting

To bring elegance and practicality to the space, a great option is to use luminaires.

The pieces are on the rise and can be found in various models on the market.

Luminaires always make the atmosphere welcoming and bring visual comfort, are fundamental when putting your child to sleep, and still create a wonderful effect on your decorating proposal.

Natural lighting is very important in the child’s bedroom, so do not obstruct the windows with furniture or curtains that are too heavy, invest in good artificial lighting for the night, but opt for daylight by day.

Balance the natural lighting of the bedroom with curtains

To choose a curtain it is essential to perform all measurements correctly and invest in very light models, they can be neutral, have various prints or with the theme of the bedroom, in addition, it is important that they are easy to remove and with resistant fabrics for frequent washes.

Plush and cushions

Cushions are simple pieces that cannot be left out of your child’s bed.

This piece can be plain, printed and even use specific themes such as characters and concepts.

In children’s bedrooms, using cushions is a good choice, as they give comfort to the space, and some models can have their covers easily changed and washed to renew the décor and accompany the growth of your child.

Today, it is possible to find on the market several models, shapes, and sizes of cushions.

A good tip is to merge cushions and plush to get a modern effect, always giving preference for harmony between the pieces and the bed.

Sanitize pillows and pets frequently as they are foci of dust accumulation.

Today, you have learned many things about setting up the child’s bedroom and we hope you are inspired and excited to renovate your children’s bedroom.

Take attention to the different techniques, trends, and ideas to decorate your children’s bedroom in a creative, beautiful, and, mainly, way that pleases the child.