Classic Style: In decor it never goes out of style!

Inspired by Greco-Roman architecture, the classical style comes with great details and elements of the Baroque and Rococo movement.

Always with a dramatic design, great proportions and luxurious elements, this is a style is always trending.

Known for the well desgined and ornate use of columns, arches and plinths, the style reflects opulence and sophistication.

By opting for a classic décor, you will find a multitude of options for furniture, tapestry, and decorative objects.

classic style chair

Below, check out some style details and some decor projects to inspire you.

Noble in every detail

classico house

Dramatic details and well defined lines create a sophisticated atmosphere in the classic style.

Furniture made out of noble woods has well-designed shapes and well-worked details, being the protagonists of the decoration.

On the walls, plaster details are a plus. Ornamentation is a recurring work in style and reinforces your personality.

The use of geometric patterns carved in wood, carpets, cushions and flooring make the décor even more striking.

It is common to find in the classical style old works of art with still life themes or portraits, in addition to mirrors that are usually come with large frames well crafted usually in golden or silver color.

Colors in classic style

classic style

Dramatic and prominent colors are essential in the classic style that also uses metallic tones and seeks the shine in textures such as velvet.

The wood details are usually in a dark hue, the main colors follow the pastel shades while in the details strong colors such as burgundy, navy blue, and green are used.

The presence of metalized ornaments such as gold and silver are always highlighted in chandeliers, candlesticks and furniture handles and windows, for example.

Floral and animal prints stand out in this style of decoration, elements that refer to nature as plants and flower vases are some more details that enrich the look of the environment.

Furniture takes up a significant amount of space in the environment, empty areas are unusual because all elements are integrated so that the details overlap.

Light and brightness

classic table style

In the classic style, natural lighting is usually present, because the passage of light is valued. Windows and doors have robust shapes, with the presence of arches and wood and glass works.

A chandelier with a striking presence, luminaires, and lamps give an elegant sense with yellowish lighting typical of the style, creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Classic lighting

The materials used in the classic style need to reflect a sense of sophistication and refinement, for this, objects and finishes use materials such as crystal, marble, and porcelain.


Traditional classic style

Even in more modern buildings, the decoration in the classic style can still be used by keeping elements with strong characteristics.

You don’t need to have a house with extremely ceiling heights, Greek columns, and ornate ceiling to use the classic décor.

Positioning sofas and armchairs with dramatic lines around a low coffee table you will be following a very striking feature in this style of decoration.

Other essential elements are closed fabrics curtains, ornate rugs, and upholstered with buttons.

Classic style bedroom

Classic monochrome

The décor in the classic style is not limited to the living and dining room, it can be taken to other environments such as your bedroom.

For this, the main elements such as dense fabrics, a strong presence of ornaments, and opulent furniture are repeated.

Invest in pastel tones, metallic elements and design with dramatic lines to highlight the characteristics of the style in the dormitory.