DIY – Create yourself a beautiful Christmas garland

As the end of the year approaches, temperatures begin to drop and the greatest time of the year arrives: Christmas!


One of the most fun things about Christmas decoration is getting your hands dirty and doing something unique, that shows a lot about the personality of your family.

If there is an indispensable piece in Christmas decoration and you can use all your creativity to make with your own hands it is the garland.

Below, check out some ideas of this beautiful Christmas ornament to inspire you and step by step for you to take the design out of your Christmas garland.

Get away from the obvious colors


There are some classic colors in Christmas decorations, but you don’t have to stick with them to decorate your home during this holiday season.

Invest in different shades for a creative and unusual garland. If you still don’t feel safe using only colors outside the Christmas palette, mix one of them with another shade outside.

Try different formats


The traditional garland is round, but how about trying out different formats for your Christmas garland?

Flowers to cheer


Flowers can be great components to adorn your Christmas garland. You can opt for natural, dried, or artificial flowers to make your arrangement.

Metallic tones


Using metallic tones is an excellent way to make Christmas décor sophisticated. Gold is the most commonly used option in this case, but you can also use silver, bronze, and rose gold.

Harmonize with decoration

Observe the details of your décor and choose colors, shades, and prints to make your garland, this way it will blend with the rest of the objects.

Where to put the Christmas garland?

decorate for Christmas

The Christmas garland can be placed in various places of your home, among them:

Front door


The front door is the most common place to put a Christmas garland, so you already enter the Christmas spirit from the moment you enter your house.

Over the console table


Over the fireplace


The console table is another place in the house where you can have Christmas decorations and enjoy to hang your garland made by you.

How to make a Christmas garland


The indispensable to make a garland is the base, it can be made with a hanger or wire molded in the desired shape or with other options according to your creativity.

In addition to the base, some materials that can be used are:

  • Christmas tree twigs
  • Leaves
  • Christmas decorations
  • Flowers
  • Strings
  • Bows

Use your imagination to create different, stylish compositions that demonstrate your personality.

Don’t forget scissors, pliers, hot glue and other tools that can help you.

DIY sheets

After gathering the materials to make your garland, cut the branches into a length of about 20 cm.

You will need to use approximately 25 branches to complete a 35 cm in diameter Christmas garland.

Start with a handful of Christmas tree branches and secure them at the base twisting the tip of the wire.

Continue filling the base with the rest of the branches and add decorative balls, flowers, bows, and whatever else the creativity brings to mind.