Color psychology

Color psychology??? Have you ever heard of it?

color psychology

There is nothing to disagree with, colors influence our day, our life, and especially our home!

Color psychology is a concept that says that each color brings with itself different ideas, behaviors, and feelings, which are unconsciously triggered by our brain!


Therefore, I can say that it is possible to make an environment more pleasant with the use of the right colors, as well as make it uncomfortable with the wrong color.

Hiring a professional for this important choice goes beyond the aesthetics.
It is a matter of well-being, originality, personality, it’s communicating something about you and everyone that shares the same home.

Let’s see what some of the colors most viewed daily tell us or transmit?

?Blue: Calm, tranquility, confidence. These are immediate sensations when seeing the blue color.

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▪️Black: Noble and elegant color.

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♥️ Red: a dynamic color that encourages passion, in addition to bringing an unparalleled energy.

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?Green: Joy, refers to life and nature. When looking at it, the feeling is of balance.

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?Yellow: Creativity, optimism, and hope.

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Each color passes a message, which is excellent for maximizing the most desired feelings in each room.

Invest time to choose the colors of your makeover, new house!!

If necessary, look for an interior designer or architect, who can help you make the best decisions and make your home the most comfortable environment possible.

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