How to lose the fear of using colors in the decoration

If you are in the first steps of decorating a space, it is important to define the color palette of that space before anything else.

From the establishment of a color palette, you can define the color of your floor, its walls, furniture, and finally the decoration objects.

color palette

So the sooner you can define it, the better the chances of getting your decisions right from the start.

You can find several ways to inspire to create a color palette for your décor.

Below we will discover some of them and also how to put them into practice when decorating your home.

Looking for inspiration

strong color

Don’t get desperate, you don’t need to create a color palette out of nowhere.

There are several ways to get inspired to create your palette and here are some examples.

Other houses

The simplest way to seek inspiration to create your color palette is by observing some decorating projects that please you and understand the color choices made by the creator.

For this, use reference sites, magazines, store displays and even in homes you have visited in life.

shades of green
green palette

Start by looking at the color of the floor and walls, then the wood, the stone, and after the tapestry, such as the color of the sofa, carpets, and curtains.

Sometimes a small detail like a flower in an arrangement can be one of the most important colors of the design, as it creates a counterpoint to the other shades.

Natural scenery

natural tones
light color palette

If you seek to be original and print personality in your décor, create your own color palette with nature inspiration.

These are scenarios that always impress us and why not use them as examples and take your colors inside your home?

Look for a landscape that you like and analyze for a few moments the colors that compose it.

By doing this exercise you will have a combination of five or six colors that match each other organically and that you can put in your décor.

By putting into practice, the palette that you have idealized on your own can end up changing a little, gaining new colors or excluding some, but when you have a plan the decisions get easier.

Colors from the movies

colors from the movies

Another source of inspiration that can be very interesting are movies and series, because in cinematographic works there is always a professional who takes care of the colors that appear in each scene and, inevitably, he will think of very creative combinations.

Choose a movie you like and look for a scene whose colors have made you feel good.

Register a frame of this image and you can choose the colors that form the color palette of that scene, maybe it can be a great choice for your decoration.

Use technology to your advantage

technological core

You don’t need to break your head to select the main colors of your inspirations, there are some websites and apps that can help you define your color palette, including from a photographic reference.

The most professional and complete site for you to get your color palette is Adobe Color (add link

On this online platform, you can create combinations from a color spectrum or you can add a photo and the website tells you its main colors.

You can play around on this website until you discover the color palette that suits you the most and that matches your décor.

This makes it easier to choose colors when changing furniture, buying cushions, blankets, and decorative objects.

Now that you know professional techniques for deciding the colors of a space, you may lose the fear of using colors and rely on the combinations you make.