Colorful kitchens: the personality is what sets the tone for the environment

You know that all-white kitchen that was once a dream of most women? Forget it! The trend now is in colors!

Kitchen with colors!!

The new trend comes at a time when kitchens are no longer a “sacred temple”, where only housewives enter, it became an aggregating space able to receive, not only family but friends.

And if the idea is to have a prominent, pleasant and personalized kitchen, that gives out a welcoming feeling, colors are excellent allies in this mission. Everything is allowed, just bring harmony and practicality to this space that is considered the heart of the house.

Colorful kitchen

But don’t think that bet is restricted to the cabinets. Today, the market offers a wide range of product options, ranging from utensils to appliances, floors, coatings, dishes, and accessories. Finally, colors can be used in the kitchen in various forms: counter tops, chairs, wall coverings, dishes, chandeliers, and decorative objects.

This trend brings the concept of more vivacity in spaces and also of expressiveness. After all, the world is full of nuances and needs several chromatic palettes to represent each of them. The main proposal is to use creativity so that the kitchen stays the way you want it. You can choose to color only the cabinets, leaving floors and walls more neutral, or, if you want a challenge, make combinations of various shades. You only need to look at the available space, keeping in mind what your intention is and the style you want to apply to the space.

To not go wrong, professionals in the area suggest choosing a main color and then add the other shades. This first step is important for the base of the chromatic palette and thus more accurately visualize what other colors to add from it. This type of care avoids the environment from being exaggerated and with a lot of information. Check also what each color means, the feeling they transmit. If you are still not sure, here are some suggestions:

– Orange: it is one of the colors associated with intellect and courage. It helps to activate metabolism and the digestive system, can increase appetite, and, according to chromotherapy, also stimulates creativity and communication. This is the tone of laughter and celebrations, besides being associated with euphoria, awakening joy, and vitality. In the kitchen, chairs or even a decorative frame are already a good start to use that special color;

Orange Kitchen

– Yellow: like orange, yellow is a very stimulating tone, interfering with intellect and appetite. Derived from light, its use is highly recommended in dark spaces, so leisure and living areas, as well as kitchens, receive well this tone, which also stimulates good conversations. In the kitchen, yellow cabinets bring the space to life, complementing each other perfectly with furniture such as chairs and tables in the same color;


– Red: a space painted red becomes vibrant, with glamour, refinement. In the kitchen, red stimulates appetite and makes the environment more inviting. Don’t know how to use it in the kitchen? Versatile, the color can highlight the space through appliances, cabinets, wall coverings, pans and even floors;

red kitchen

– Green: this color that refers to nature, also brings a feeling of comfort. Green represents the nutrition and balance of the body. Use to increase physical and emotional well-being. In the kitchen, activates digestion, so do not be afraid to use it; paint a wall or bring furniture such as chairs and table;

Green Kitchen
Modern Kitchen

– Dark blue: color that refers to sophistication, elegance, it helps to create a calm, tranquil, and relaxing atmosphere. In the kitchen, the color looks great in cabinets and furniture, even creates beautiful contrasts with white and wooden surfaces. For this, use white on the countertops and wood in detail in the cabinets. Use the same tone in details as coatings and walls can complete the set;

Dark blue

– Gray: widely used in projects that refer to the industrial style, this tone is neutral, but can stimulate feelings of coldness and lack of spirit. So choose to mesclate it with other warmer colors, such as yellow. Kitchens with this combination have been one of the main trends of recent times. It’s a charm!

gray kitchen

But if you have a more discreet style, the foolproof tip is to put the colors in the details. And these, in turn, don’t need to be in very vibrant tones if you don’t want to. Pastel shades such as mint green, light blue, fainted pink, pale yellow – the so-called candy colors – are great in this case. Also, if you don’t feel safe in looking at all this amount of colors every day, just go swapping the colorful elements until the end result pleases.