How to Make a Hotel Bed

For sure, one of the things we like the most when we arrive at a hotel is the organization of the room. After all, who doesn’t like to come across a visually well-groomed, well-made bed, the ones that fill their eyes?

This type of bed arrangement is a good way to impress the people who live with us and especially guests in our home. It is a way to show welcome in a well organized and cozy room.

Hotel Bed

The good news is that getting a bed at home similar to the hotel is not as difficult as it sounds.

We can do that with the trousseau we have available at home. Follow below the tips we have prepared for you to make your bed so that it is beautiful and cozy every day.

The Choice of The Trousseau For The Bed

It can be said that few people pay attention to this detail.

But it is a fact that it all starts with the choice of bed linen. That’s because, at the time of arrangement, the small sheet that barely stretches on the mattress, or that is leftover and dragging on the floor of the room can compromise the look.

bed linen

Therefore, when buying your bed linen pay attention to the density of the mattress and the type of bed. For example: bachelor, couple, king size or queen.

Also, choose elastic sheets that do not loosen easily when making the bed or even moving in bed. The choice of your trousseau will depend on what you look for in your routine and how much you are willing to spend. Today, there are numerous options.

Starting With the Sheets

Obviously, making every bed starts with the fitted sheet, the one that will be over the mattress. Stretch the four ends of the sheet very well and make sure that it is well adjusted to the ends

A good tip to remove wrinkles is to put alcohol and softener in a spray, and keep passing your hands. Don’t worry about the sheet getting wet as the alcohol evaporates quickly.

Bed linen

If you don’t have the rubber fitted sheet, just “envelope it”. Do this by holding the sides under the mattress and folding the ends of it.

Flat sheet

Now it’s the flat sheet turn. The main tip is to stretch and leave the sides covering a little more of the mattress. It must have excess that can be folded at the headboard and foot of the bed.


Duvet and Quilt

Here, we arrive at the last stages of “aesthetics” in bed. The duvet should be placed close to the headboard and remain loose in the bed to give the impression of comfort and lightness.

The quilt can be placed either folded, to serve as a footboard by the end of the bed, or stretched as an ornament. In case of keeping it stretched, it is recommended to fold it by the headboard with a two palm measure. This way, the fold will indicate that it is a different element and will make the bed visually more beautiful.

tidy bed

Pillows and Pillowcases

The amount of pillows will depend on the size of the bed. That is, for the twin bed, two pillows are enough. If it is a double bed, four to six pillows are recommended. More pillows create a feeling of comfort, in addition to the volume that makes the bed aesthetically beautiful.

pillows on the bed
Gray and deep blue pillows on bed and white reading lamp in background

To make it easier to put the pillowcases, slightly fold the pillows in half and place them on the pillowcases so that they open automatically when they are inside. Then, fix pillows with your hands, “fluffing them.”

Distribute the pillows at the headboard in the way you consider it to look harmonious and beautiful.

Frangrant Bed

Another essential item for the comfort and well-being of both hotel guests and visitors to your home is the aroma. To make the bed even more cozy nothing better than a fragrant bed. It is known that the smell of new and clean bedding pleases anyone. You can achieve this with the simple mixture of alcohol and softener cited above or even choose from the various options of home spray, and environmental flavorers available on the market.

Fragrance spray

Following these tips and with a little daily dedication, no doubt you will have your coveted hotel bed every day in your home to please yourself, your family and your visitors. Surely you will receive many compliments.