Get to know 5 decor styles and its peculiarities

Each decor style has its peculiarities, knowing your needs, knowing your tastes and defining a line to be followed will be the first step towards your dream home.

When decorating a space, some characteristics determine the style of that place. For there to be coherence and the style is actually achieved, these characteristics must connect to each other.

The owners’ personality, the set of furniture, the objects, colors, textures, everything must be included in a concept that aligns and governs the decoration of a space.

If you want to renovate your decor, make a renovation, or you are just starting to set up your home, knowing the trending decoration styles can help you a lot on this journey.

Next, learn about the most relevant features of five decoration syles and find out if any of them matches your tastes, your home, and lifestyle.


empty gray wing chair

If you are looking for a style that never goes out of style, you can bet on classic decor.

Inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, dramatic details and well-defined lines create an atmosphere of sophistication and opulence.

The classic style combines with spacious environments, furniture made of fine woods and the use of many ornaments in tapestries and curtains that enrich the proposal of the decoration.

On the walls, details in plaster, large frames, detailed mirrors, and old works of art are the differential , mainly portraying still life.

Complementing using noble materials such as crystal and porcelain will be the finishing touch for decorating a classic style space.

Rustic or Farmhouse

white fireplace mantel with decors

The rustic style, also known as Farmhouse, is inspired by old decorations and country houses, so it is synonymous with cosiness and comfort.

The worn wood is one of the protagonists of this style that values a visual connected to the countryside and nature.

The antique furniture and handcrafted pieces bring the nostalgia of grandparents’ houses, where families gathered to socialize.

In addition, the simple and handcrafted tapestry gives a special touch, along with baskets in wicker or straw and objects made in ceramic.

In this style, using decorative objects that are family relics or travel memories is a great option.


black dining set near white wall

The minimalist style emerged in the period after the Second World War, when families needed to rebuild their lives and conditions, made investing in decoration and luxury furniture difficult.

It was from the need that the idea of using the minimum necessary for a house arose.

The scarce furniture and the diminishing of the ornaments did not need to mean a less elegant environment, so each detail is very well thought out to be functional and at the same time sophisticated.

Aesthetics are highly valued in this style of decoration, the smooth and polished surfaces create a light sense to space and the cool, neutral colors highlight the presence of plenty of natural light that is favored by the use of large windows.


quarto arkup

The contemporary style emerged in the second half of the 20th century with a proposal to combine simplicity and style.

Everything in this decoration is modest, direct and functional, but personality is not left out.

Practicality and design complement each other, with the use of technological materials such as glass, lacquered wood, and polished stone that create flat surfaces and bring a shine to the decoration.

The furniture of this style of decoration is usually wide, but low, bringing more volume close to the floor and leaving the walls free.

The use of vivid colors such as yellow, magenta, and green in details perfectly complement the sober tones like gray, white, and cream, used in the base of this decoration.


black leather couch with gray throw pillwo

The industrial style emerged in the 1950s in New York, when warehouses, hitherto occupied by industries, began to turn into houses.

Details such as exposed pipes and the use of wood, metals, and concrete were added to the decoration of these spaces, incorporating the elements of those places, which previously served as warehouses, in people’s daily lives.

In this style, it is common for all rooms in the house to be integrated into a loft model, and the rooms are defined by the furniture itself.

Dark colors prevail, but the aesthetics comes to life with the details in bold colors. The concrete in the decoration is frequent and part of the style.


You will come across many styles that you can explore in your home decor. As there are no rules, but guidelines, follow all the tips that please you and create a space that, above all, will make you happy.

If you are not afraid of a challenge, mixing styles can be a good choice, that way you can enjoy what you like best in each of them.

Planning the details of your decoration, before going out buying what you like individually, is the best way to make everything in your space match and, thus, avoid unnecessary purchases.