Spaces to relax: our home has become our refuge

We have never had so much time at home. And it has become a point of total security, a refuge where we can be safe from a virus that plagues all of humanity.

If we have to stay in the house for much longer than usual, why not have spaces to relax in our home? The routine of home office work is as stressful as the face-to-face, and the pandemic itself puts us under a lot of stress.

Espaços para relaxar e curtir

Spaces to relax go far beyond a luxury for some, they are an essential part of an emotional control strategy, so that our four walls, so constantly observed in this time in which we live, do not become real prisons.

What does a relaxing space need?

What do you like to do to relax? Different people have different ways of relaxing, whether it is reading, playing games, watching movies and series or even just lying down and listening to good music.

Your relaxing space should reflect your personality above all, in addition to a simple matter of building a room, it is a way of looking inside and getting to know yourself. What are your tastes, what does the word relax make you think first when pronounced?

One thing in common is for sure: a space to relax should be quiet, free from external interference, or reminiscent of urgent obligations and urgent commitments.

It must be, in a more poetic language, an oasis of rest amid the chaos that is our routine. So, look for a place more separate from the rest of the house, where you feel that it is a new place, oblivious to everything that can refer to stress.

Relaxamento, pensamento leve

Zen Space to Relax

You are that Zen person who likes to meditate and relax.

Bet on a quiet space, which has a minimalist design so that you feel much more comfortable within that space. Good air circulation makes all the difference and natural light too. Having some plants is always good.

Make use of comfortable rugs and blinds, and make sure you are well away from urban noises. A good tip is to look for relaxing essences and incense of your taste.

If you have space at home, how about decorating a massage room? The massage table can be foldable and the same space is free for yoga and meditation sessions.

Relaxing space with reading

If you are a book enthusiast, a lover of good literature to relax, the perfect space doesn’t have to be very big, just cozy. However, the place must be well lit, so unlike the Zen space, artificial light in this space is more than welcome. The more, and the better quality, the better for you.

A sofa, an armchair, a rocking chair, what do you prefer to use for reading? Combine your seat with a footrest for maximum comfort. Observe the difference in height between the two to maintain good blood circulation in the legs.

Incense sticks and soft ambient music can also help, but this is personal. The important thing is to be away from outside noises, have good lighting and comfortable seats!

Relaxing space with movies, series, and video games

Audiovisual and electronic games are also widely used to relax, as they have a unique characteristic: they make us escape a little bit from our reality to enter magical and exciting worlds.

So, nothing better than a good movie, series, or game to make us forget about a stressful situation that occurred on during routine.

Projeto Star Wars by Flavia Gueiros

For this option of space to relax, a dim light is perfect for good image viewing, and good sound insulation is essential to ensure your enjoyment without disturbing the people who live with you or the neighbors. Space signed by Flavia Gueiros.

Relaxing space with music

Finally, there are people who like to relax by listening to good music of their taste, sitting, having a drink, or lying with their eyes closed to concentrate on the melody.

In this space, the use of a hammock to lie down and listen is highly recommended. Hammocks are extremely relaxing and perfect for resting while listening to good music. However, a sofa to choose between sitting and lying down is also a good option.

A good tip is to choose a sound system that has Bluetooth technology, so you don’t have to move to change tracks or insert a new album.

Cantinho da musica, relaxamento ouvindo musica

Your space to relax should look like you!

There were a few general tips to compose a relaxing space in your home and get away from the tension and stress that surround us.

However, it is always good to remember that you can mix some options and make a unique and personalized space. Invent and reinvent, the space to relax serves to make you feel good and your mental health is up to date!