The changes in our homes during the coronavirus

The changes in our homes during the coronavirus was the theme chosen by me for my debut article here on the Portal Decor Influencer, where, monthly, I will return to exchange knowledge and provide points of view about the market in which I am inserted: architecture, decoration and civil construction in the luxury market.

What is already reported as a movement of change in these times can be highlighted in three moments in the changes in our homes during the coronavirus, starting with the rediscovery of the home with awareness, going to the reflexes of new possibilities created, until we reach the surroundings of our homes.

In fact, my role is to recommend great references for you to follow the movements of the luxury market that can boost your personal marketing, and I do this in the various contents I distribute in my social networks and lectures, since 2010.

Moment 01, the rediscovery of the home with consciousness

We are more biophilic or we want more of the benefits of being close to nature. And for that, we are also more environmentally conscious, with the world and its irreversible impacts on ecology and with the plants we seek for our urban jungles.

Thus, we speak of primitivism and traditions that for some reason our generation left aside, but which for thousands of years have always been with us human beings, also when we talk about home.

Which, in fact, brings awareness of the rediscovery of the home as a refuge, sanctuary, really a place to rest, feel safe and live together, creating incredible memories that make our life unique.

Moment 02, the reflections of new possibilities created

If we look at the evolution of living brilliantly explained by several authors, one of them being the wisest – YOU, we identify that the house is the great stage as the great protagonist in almost all of our lives, which with the development of our activities began to integrate the impulses to be who we are.

At the very beginning of the quarantine, I went live on social media with influential people in their areas, of which some themes were highlighted so that we can reflect about new possibilities to be created.

As the direction for the rereading of Modern Architecture that Brazil began to live between the 1930s and 1950s, bringing new ways of thinking and making it happen.

It is worth remembering that between this period Brazil lived in 1922, the Modern Art Week,seeking the creation of its own identity and desire for liberation.

The great opportunity that we can again trigger is to return to defend the country that stands out so much when compared to different countries, which has its unique characteristics, inhabited by people mixed in different ethnicities and that regionally is unique by itself, just as at that time was done.

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Moment 03, the surroundings of our homes

Now it is time to talk about the surroundings of our homes and the new essential, which brings us a new awareness in everything, including the local community our house being beyond the 4 walls, what is around, where we also seek the essence and extension of what we live (and change) inside.

A great highlight is the act of being food self-suficient.

The feeling of being foo self-sufficient makes us lookout and want to build together, intensifying value connections in work, housing, and actions. Are the so-called coworking(working together), coliving(living together) and co-making(doing together).

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The place that Brazil beccomes

Adding the three moments of changes in our homes during the Coronavirus pandemic, I want to go further and add here a vision that will take even more our routine of (post-pandemic discovery): the ‘Brasility’.

Our homes and our way of living will become more Brazilian, again, because Brazil reestablishes the real meaning in our lives, with the Brazilianness that is present in the five major regions that represent this country.

Imagine you share on your social networks the places you have discovered and that are close to you, through the food self-sufficient movement. And now imagine you seeing your acquaintances and people who are followed by you doing the same. Both, on both sides, will feel at the same time surprised to know amazing places and desire to visit them in person. This will intensify the desire to know more about our Brazil.

A (re)discovery that will make a lot of sense to all of us by connecting to several other macro world movements, such as returning to the origins.

Continue with me in these movements, here, in the next articles, and in my