Mirrors in modern and practical decoration

The first form of mirrors that man had contact with was when he looked at his reflection in the water. Throughout history, several attempts to produce mirrors did not succeed: they still represented only contours of distorted images. Only at the end of the 13th century mirrors more clearly began to be manufactured from the composition of a layer of glass and a thin metal blade.

And it was during the European Renaissance that Venetian manufacturers began making mirrors by applying metal supports to glass sheets, which is the most common method today. Mirrors today have a decorative and functional role in architecture, with many possibilities of use. They can cover large surfaces of furniture or even the facades of buildings. And new technologies allow for great flexibility.

Used to reflect images, by tradition, were used only in bathrooms. But today, they gain room in all environments. In the decoration, they demonstrate nobility and bring depth. When used with frames, they become the focus pieces in any space. One of the most cited uses for designing with mirrors is to enlarge the space, that is, to make a room look much larger than it is. They are also used for those who want to work on the reduction of a space, besides helping in clarity and aesthetics.

Having mirrors at home, besides being modern, can value the pieces around you. Best of all, there is no restriction on sizes, colors, and materials.


Where to place mirrors

The choice of location for the installation of mirrors will depend on their purpose. In smaller spaces, the suggestion is to use opposite walls, to enlarge the visual space.

Be mindful when combining styles and try to use the same style references. This is also important when creating compositions among several mirrors. Creation is free, but come up with a pattern. For example, choose a single color in the frames or don’t repeat the shapes of the mirrors.

In general, living room mirrors have frames, are medium and square. This model spreads the feeling of warmth, becoming a wildcard option for common areas of the house. Mirrors are easily found in decoration shops, glazing and on the web. There are numerous options for all pockets and tastes. When buying, take into account two points: frame, when there is, and dimension.

Mirrors in all rooms

The mirror wall brings sophistication and charm to the project, in addition to increasing the space. The ideal is to have only one mirrored wall per room so that it can reflect the furniture it has.

In this space, the mirror composes the decoration in an elegant and refined way. The LED strips stand out even more, and slatted panels function as a frame.


How about a mural with mirrors with different frames? Or use mirrors with special effects?


Indispensable in bathrooms, mirrors can be applied in different ways. Here, the mirror helps to highlight the countertop and metals.

Adnet decorative mirrors are trending in decoration. In a round model, it can be hung by a rope or leather strip. A very versatile bet.