Decoration for children: Why invest in a Montessorian bedroom?

At first glance, setting up a bedroom for your children may seem like a simple thing.

However, some features should not be left aside. First, the space must offer different stimuli. Then, it is necessary to think: how to provide a feeling of freedom for creativity and autonomy?

The answer lies in an alternative: the Montessorian room.


The principles mentioned above are part of the methodology created in 1907 by the Italian educator Maria Montessori, where the goal is to provide self-education.

An environment with several benefits

In order to allow the child to explore the space that will be part of their experiences, choosing to assemble a Montessorian room is more than resorting to decoration items.

blue room

In the Montessorian bedroom, the power of choice is almost a rule, just as the little ones can reflect on their actions and work forms of independence in their daily routine.

Additionally, other functions are also stimulated, such as motor and emotional development, since the child is in the growth phase.

The proposal is to stimulate and allow the creation of good habits, through a project that works in the most appropriate way.

What can not be left out of from a Montessorian bedroom

Bed on the floor

This feature makes the child free to go down alone and walk around the room, as well as return to bed.

The Montessorian bed is durable, being something that the child will enjoy for many years.

“When developing the decoration project, we suggest that it be done already with a mini mattress, which is 1.50 m by 0.70 m, or even with a small single mattress, with 1.88 m by 0.88 m”, suggests Daniele Okuhara, from doob architecture.

Bar on wall

In a Montessorian room, the bar on the wall encourages the first steps and the development of trust. The bar also serves as a balance point.



The child must also learn to recognize himself. In this step, an important tip: glue the mirror in wood and fasten it to the wall so that it does not break into pieces.

mirror on the wall

Closet with toys and clothes

Allowing toys to be within reach is a way to encourage decision-making and encourage accountability to put everything back in place when playtime is over.

The same goes for clothes in the closet and for the shelves with books.

arrange the toys


It can function as a delimiter of the play area for older children.

With the smaller ones, it stimulates touch and provides sensory experiences, something characteristic of Montessorian education.

If you chose to use only one mattress on the floor, be sure to place a wooden support board underneath or an EVA rug.

Such actions contribute to make the child protected from the cold floor and allows the mattress to “breathe” and not create mold.

Investing in a rug is also essential, as children tend to stay very much on the floor, especially in a Montessorian room.

Safety matters

You already know that autonomy is important. But some care is needed in safety matters. Check:

  • Use plug protectors;
  • No furniture with corners;
  • Avoid glass objects;
  • Beware of stools and unstable furniture;
  • Do not have sharp or small objects. Avoid risks, such as a cut or the child putting something in the mouth.

Montessorian bedroom styles

The method we are talking about in this post offers an endless of inspirations for babies, children, and teenagers, ranging from beds to the choice of a fun theme. The goal is the same: a space created with great affection and love! Next, you give 5 different ideas for a custom Montessorian bedroom.

Adventurer (a):

Huts and mountains

In this style, one thing is certain: which child doesn’t like to play in a hut, right? Using niches and taking advantage of colors for a more uniform look is a form of balance in the Montessorian bedroom.

In addition, stimulating creativity with spaces on the wall to draw, and also with cushions scattered around the floor, helps to promote more comfort when playing. The mountains bring a more Nordic air, and stimulate the taste for travel.



Mini urban jungle

The benefits of bringing nature to the bedroom are numerous, and children will love it. In this case, the whole wall was painted with textures The lamp gave way to the Moon, remembering the light in the middle of the trees. Playful and cozy.

Urban Jungle

Classic: for the little ones

Apparently, this Montessorian bedroom was designed for a baby, because the whole bed is protected. This is a great example that there is no age to put into practice this functional method.

Classico for the little ones

Astronaut: space room

Who never thought about traveling in a spaceship as a child? You can make it come true by creating a special decoration.

These elements delight and, as the children grow, they start to interact even more with the space, enjoying all the details!

Don’t go wrong in the childrens space

The Montessorian method approaches the principle “less is more”, keeping in mind that the decoration of the bedroom requires free space for playtime.

So don’t overload the environment. Remember to use in the Montessorian room only the essential furniture for sleeping, playing, and storing.


Awaken your creativity

Colors are able to create sensations. Thus, the Montessorian bedroom allows the creativity of the little ones to be stimulated through the tones.

Identifying the meaning of each color is also a characteristic of the decor in the Montessorian method. And they can appear on furniture, bedding, carpets, and walls.

Don’t overdo it on toys

With the intention that there is nothing missing, many parents end up overloading the space, which loses its main functionalities.

Make available to the children only what they really like and use. Gradually make the items available.


After that, enjoy the warmth of the Montessorian room to experience all special moments in your child’s growth. Decorating for him is something charming.

With all these ideas, can you not love it?