Home décor in summer: tips not to make the wrong choice

Winter in the northern hemisphere.. Summer in the southern hemisphere!

The season of warm days has arrived and at first sight in the southern hemisphere, something inevitable: the intense temperatures invite us to stay longer in the outdoor area of the house.

Therefore, the summer decoration should be based on beauty and comfort, two aspects that go together in this season.

summer house

For those who will build or renovate, the season is the most recommended for projects to get off the paper and be put into practice.

On this note, we decided to help you and invited the architect Tatielly Zammar to come up with a list of precious tips when decorating your house. Check it out:

Vibrant colors to energize

“The season should be based on the use of light and cheerful colors,” Says Tatielly. Since white and beige appear as classic options when decorating the house, other more energetic shades can also be used, such as blue.

colorful house

This shade refers to the sea, in the same way as yellow is the color of the sun.

When used in summer decor, both trigger feelings of freshness, well-being, such as the joy of enjoying the moments that summer provides.

Go for prints

Venture mixing florals and other types of prints is also an alternative in home décor.

This mix takes one to a happier vibe, almost a rule in the summer season.

“Here, a modern option is the application of shades such as navy blue and white that refer to the nautical style”, reveals the architect.

colorful summer house

Renovate the outside area

Flowers and plants are key to make the house look like the face of summer. The vegetation brings life, perfumes, and brings joy to the space in a simple way.

It is a versatile and charming solution.

The combination of vibrant colors, unusual prints, walls with a new painting – or wallpaper – and floral arrangements with appropriate vegetation is able to completely transform a space, as well as contribute to making the house more fresh and airy.


A good addition to complement the outdoor area is the placement of a wooden deck.

It gives a special charm, levels the floor for the placement of chairs and umbrellas, and looks beautiful with the new foliage and flowers.

All spaces can be renovated

Just as the outdoor area is a place of great circulation during the holiday season, other spaces have also become synonymous of summer, such as the gardens, the swimming pool, the children’s area, or even the gourmet balcony.

renovated house for summer

In the composition of each of them, the finishes, or that design piece that you intend to put, are elements that are part of a more refined decoration nowadays.

Therefore, do not let the pandemic to make a house with sadder features.

Renew the options when it comes to improving every space in the house.

Don’t forget to create functional spaces

Avoid using furniture and other objects that will not be used after the summer.

In wider homes, the tendency is to turn the environment into a real “deposit of useless things”.

It seems obvious, but it’s important to remember: don’t get carried away with something fashionable that you probably won’t use in the future.

Consequently, your summer décor may end up missing out on functional benefits and features.

A luxury space also values mobility.

Although aesthetic appeal is of great importance, don’t forget functionality as a main element.

Beware of the sea mist

The summer décor also takes us to the beach house.

In this location, for proper interior design, it is recommended that the furniture be wooden to prevent corrosion caused by salt.

If your idea is to invest a little to change the look according to the seasons, this is our tip.

Use aroma diffusers

The trend of aroma diffusers is also part of the summer decoration.

The most refreshing fragrances to be applied in the rooms are floral ones such as lavender and jasmine, as well as citrus, such as orange and lemon.

The aroma of rosemary awakens joy and vitality, great investment for the hottest days.

summer aroma

Invest in the details to renovate the house during the summer

If you’re still questioning the décor of the house in the summer, know that investing in furniture also helps in the time of change.

How about a few more inspirations?

Enjoying the sea swing

An invitation to rest. The Pod armchair from Brunno Jahara for Breton is an inviting piece of furniture to be used outdoors.

Besides being modern, this item takes more practicality and freshness for those who like to enjoy all the moments of the season.

Contact with nature

The log bench is a synonym for practicality. For those who love to integrate decoration with nature, here is a good option.

Sharing good times

The chaises longues of Saccaro’s Maori collection also follow the most rustic and contemporary traits.

An invitation for weekend meetings or even enjoy the moments of relaxation.

Everybody deserves a break, right?

These modern sun loungers are resistant to rain and heat. Its seats are covered with waterproof fabric to prevent damage.

Stimulate new habits with summer décor

Other objects that can be used are: lamps, lanterns and floating candles, since they easily integrate with the rest of the decoration.

In addition, these objects are also a great way to provide security, if the idea is to enjoy the spaces at night.

enjoy the summer

Done! Now just share with us, what you like the most when creating a summer decoration in your home!