The habits we acquired in 2020 will reflect on the decor in 2021

In 2020, new habits became part of everyone’s daily life, with social isolation as a preventive measure against the New Coronavirus, many people changed the relationship they had in different areas, especially with their homes.

These new ways of seeing our homes directly impact the trends for decoration in 2021.

Here’s how the habits acquired in 2020 influence decorating trends for the year that is about to start.

in home

Always in search of comfort

By 2020, homes were no longer seen only as dormitories and began to have more relevance in everyone’s everyday life.

If we spend more time awake and perform more tasks at home, therefore the environment needs to offer more comfort and this search is a strong trend for decoration in 2021.

Comfort has become a priority at home, after all, many people have started working, exercising, and doing so many other tasks in the same space.


The elements that bring comfort, warmth, and, above all, accommodation were essential for the long periods of confinement that we have spent and, of course, this trend will continue to 2021.

Possibilities and functionality

The kitchen and dining room were not only the place of the house where only meals were made these spaces turned into office and classroom.

The TV room also turned into a gym and the balcony became a place of rest and contact with nature.

If in 2020 the functionality was being improvised within homes, the trend is that by 2021 it is already more naturalized in our thinking.

Something that became very clear in 2020 is that every space in the house can be thought to perform more than one function in our lives and adapt them to this will be essential in decoration in 2021.

new habits

Nature at home

Contact with nature was something that was so lacking for many people during social isolation, so thinking about some ways to take some of nature into the house has become essential.

This trend should continue with everything in 2021, from plants in outdoor and indoor areas to the use of natural materials such as wood, straw, and natural stones.

Opening the windows and letting natural light enter also came to be highly valued in 2020 and certainly this habit will be taken to 2021.

Nature at home

Give personality to the decoration

Talking about decoration without talking about personality is impossible, after all, every element within a home reflects the feelings and preferences of its owners.

Impersonal decorations can be excellent in corporate spaces, but in your home, the more the decor shows the personality of those who live there, the better.

A strong decoration trend for 2021 is to make your home reflect your feelings, personality, and worldview.

The choice of colors, the style of decoration, and all the decorative elements of the house should show a little of who live there.


DIY – Do it yourself

In 2021 the trend of “do it yourself” has everything to continue with everything, after all, with the changes in habits that 2020 brought us, the idea of doing things with their own hands spread and many people discovered talents that they did not even imagine they had.


From doing it yourself to painting a wall, to building things with your own hands, the feeling of looking in a corner of your house and knowing that it was you who transformed that space is very gratifying.


In 2021 the discoveries made in 2020 will be even stronger and comfort, functionality, nature, and personality will definitely be part of the decor.