How to choose the ideal rug for your living room

The room is one of the most important spaces of the house, there you gather the family, receive visits, and have moments of rest. Therefore, the space should reflect the personality of the owners with warmth, comfort and of course, a lot of style.

Some items are essential in the decoration of the room and one of the main ones is undoubtedly the rug, which should be chosen wisely.

Including a rug in the décor of the room can be one of the best ways to leave the space with a more sophisticated face and significantly increase the feeling of comfort, besides leaving the décor more complete.

Making the choice of your rug may seem simple, but several factors need to be taken into account so that you don’t regret your decision.

To help you with this we have prepared some tips that will help you decide the best model, print, size, and material for the rug in your living room.

The function of the rug

Besides being a powerful decoration item, the rug can still be a great ally to create a feeling of warmth, disguise some possible defect in the floor and also serve as acoustic and thermal insulation.

A well-chosen rug is able to delimit the space and serve as a frame for all the furniture in the room, making the space more harmonious and the décor full of style.

Rug materials

The living room rug can be a focus of accumulation of dirt and dust, so thinking about the ideal material at the time of choice is indispensable.

Taking into account factors such as allergies or the presence of pets that release many hairs in the house is important to avoid future problems, after all a rug is not something simple to sanitize too often.

A fuzzy rug, for example, may not be ideal for those who have allergies, in which case it would be best to opt for a model of short hair or even materials that do not accumulate dust.

The rug also has the power to make the space more heated or cooled and the material is directly connected to this factor, the softer ones can warm the space up, while the sisal can make the room cooler.

Colors and prints

The options of colors and prints are many, from the most classic to the most modern.

A strong trend today is rugs with geometric or arabesque prints, if one of these styles matches your home you can bet without fear.

Deciding the color of the rug is a very important point to choose an ideal model.

Colors are key to balancing the space, so think calmly which color you will choose and keep in mind that it needs to be within the color palette (insert link) of your décor.

Not to go wrong, if your floor or another element near the rug such as the sofa or wallpaper is printed, it has a neutral rug and for neutral spaces, it is worth dare with printed rugs.

If you are already on a more expert level in decoration, it is worth combining prints and create a stylish space.

Ideal rug size

There is no rule to define an ideal rug size for the living room, however, it is interesting to choose a model that sits under the sofa skirting the space between the furniture.

How to position the rug in the living room

For large spaces, it is interesting to opt for larger and wider models that can fill empty spaces.

If your space is small, a good option may be medium rugs that stand between the feet of the sofa and the TV.

The important thing in this item is to consider the size of the living room at the time of choice and not to elect a rug too large for a small space or the other way around.

To avoid problems, leave the choice of the rug as one of the last items to be set in the decoration of the room.

Rug on the wall

Have you ever imagined this functionality for the rug? In addition to making the room cozier, it can look beautiful on the wall and make the space look very cool.


The rug is an item that aggregates both in the look and comfort of the living room, so choosing the right model will make all the difference.

Consider the decoration style of your living room and define whether it’s best to opt for a neutral or rug with flashy colors and prints.

When deciding the material of the rug. not only think about its aesthetics but remember practical details such as the practicality to sanitize the piece.

We hope that with these tips you are closer to deciding which is the ideal rug for your living room.