Essential oils to increase the well-being of the home

You have probably heard of aromatherapy and the benefits they bring to a home. The therapeutic practice that emerged in France in 1928 has essential oils as a base and is successful in domestic spaces. Much more than a pleasant sensation, there are numerous scientific explanations that prove the power of aromatherapy. Because they contain plant molecules that have chemical assets, the oils provide a very interesting feeling of well-being. After all, aromas activate a region of the brain responsible for well-being. And if there is one thing that we always look for in a home, it is the feeling of well-being, isn’t it?

In addition to that, essential oils also help to balance the energy of a space. Because they present so many benefits, the use of essential oils has become a much more accessible practice, since it offers different aromas and various devices to diffuse smells.

A home needs essential oils

And they can be incorporated in a very simple way, such as through sprays or diffusers. Both options release small doses of the aroma for inhalation. In addition to providing a sense of well-being, diffusers can also serve as great decorative elements.

But you should be careful! After all, they can reach toxic character and allergenic potential if used in high quantities. As an example, the use of rosemary oils in excess can cause an increase in blood pressure. The tip for those who are starting to use essential oils is to put a few drops in a container with water. Thus, the aromas diffuse in the space in a smooth way.

The ideal option for each room

To take full advantage of the benefits of each essential oil, there are some options best suited for each space.

For the bedroom, the tip is to bet on lavender, West Indian lemongrass or geranium. As they have calming properties, they are ideal for a relaxation and resting space. For those who have trouble going to sleep, they are great for quieting the mind and helping to have a peaceful night’s sleep. As for the living room, lavender is also very welcome. With it, orange oil is also a good option for social spaces. After all, they promote a welcoming feeling and avoid conflicts. In the office, quarantine’s favorite, bet on the mint, lemon, mint and even pine aromas. As they are citrus and have a stimulating effect, they help to maintain the concentration and focus that is so necessary in this space.

As for bathrooms and toilets, the most suitable is to opt for the aromas of melaleuca or eucalyptus. Both are natural anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, fight bad smell and even fight viruses, bacteria and fungi.

When it comes to the kitchen, the tip is to dare and get out of traditional aromas with cinnamon and vanilla oils. In addition to providing a feeling of warmth, they are considered energizing and stimulate appetite, mental balance and agility.

Finally, let’s talk about open spaces, such as a garden, balcony and terraces. As they are external spaces, the ideal is to include intense and citrus aromas. The tip is to bet on essential oils of mandarina and lemon, which promote sense of uplifting, joy and freshness that are intensified by the power of sunlight.