Houses with a super modern design

Do you know those breathtaking houses? The ones that have so many details that we barely know where to look? Usually, the facades of buildings with a modern design are responsible for causing us this feeling.

As many say, the first impression is what remains. That is why we emphasize the importance of a facade telling the story of a house – and many tell a great story. While many properties have a traditional “business card”, others look like they came out of a movie. They usually have a modern architecture that is different from the conventional, full of shapes and angles that get our attention. Striking, they are what remains in the memory.

6 houses with a modern design

Don’t look down!

Have you ever thought of living in a house on top of a cliff? This property in Papallacta, Ecuador, must not belong to someone who is afraid of heights! Designed by Sebastian Benitez, from NADA Studio, the house gives goosebumps to some physicists. With an extremely modern facade, the swing-shaped house is on the edge of a cliff. And the most frightening: without a pillar underneath it! Among the architectural details, is the use of concrete combined with wood and glass.

Modernity in traditional Beverly Hills

The houses in Beverly Hills, California, tend to follow a very classic and traditional architectural style. But this property, designed by the Marmol Radziner office, goes the other way. With a facade with a modern design, the house has three plans that connect perfectly – even with different sizes. The boldness can still be seen in the green roof, which makes the construction look much more interesting.

The future is right there

Russia is not only in the future due to the time zone, but the architecture used there follows a line that seems to come directly from the next generations. At least that’s what this house in a village near Moscow represents. Designed by the Niko Architect office, the rather peculiarly shaped property was built on an artificially modified site and has numerous glass structures throughout its facade.

Unique Combination

Glass and wood are the highlights of this house in Quebec, Canada. As much as it does not have such an unusual design, the property designed by ACDF Architecture can still be considered quite modern. With a concrete base, the construction stands out for its wooden structure that resembles a container.

Facility is essential

The construction sector is increasingly looking for practical solutions to accelerate the process. In the case of this house located in Ivry-sur-le-lac, Canada, five prefabricated modules were connected. Designed by Richard Rubin, a participant in the architecture collective Figurr Architects Collective, the property is modern and sustainable. For its construction, local materials and wood tones were prioritized to match the landscape in the region.

Curves and more curves!

At this property located in Singapore, the geometric design has no time! Designed for a collector of antiques and a lover of extremely modern furniture, the house designed by the EHKA studio is completely curved to open the corrugated glass. The result? Even more optimization of the internal space!