Lobby or logistics hub?

How can architecture contribute to people’s new way of life?

We are feeling great changes and trends that were accelerated by the pandemic, and in architecture, it would not be different, quite the contrary.


With social isolation and the home office, people started to use e-commerce and delivery more, changing the flow of products and people in the lobbies.


And what are these changes?

According to Sinconet, the increase in this type of purchase grew by 47% and ABCOM.ORG is already talking about 56%. * And what does architecture have to do with it? Everything!!

At this moment the critical point of this logistics is in the lobbies!


Lobbies or sentry boxes are designed to control people’s access and storage of correspondence (which by the way are decreasing due to the fact that several accounts are now digital), but today these same lobbies are receiving more products with greater volume and more delivery services, increasing flow of products and services, as well as safety care.

In some neighborhoods, the sentry boxes practically became a logistics hub.

The same happens with the access of these transport vehicles where they have difficulty of access and space.

Even after the pandemic, we will certainly not be the same again, these are trends that are here to stay.


The time, therefore, is to review the design of these spaces to deeply understand these needs in order to create a more suitable, pleasant, and functional space.

This is architecture!

Source: *https://www.sindiconet.com.br