Furniture that is the face of spring

As well as our clothes, which vary in collection according to the seasonal period of the year, suiting colors and styles to the four seasons, our furniture can also follow this line.

Can you imagine people who have the face of summer? And even though you’re in another station you can’t look at them without remembering a sunny day, the sea, the pool? A person who has the face of spring will probably decorate your home with furniture that are the face of spring!

But what’s the face of spring? What’s the first thing you remember when asked what spring is for you? Flowers, warm colors, plants in their prime! All this refers to the spring season, the flower season.

In this article we’ll talk a little bit about furniture that are the face of spring and how to turn your home into an eternal spring space in any season, or simply, to follow the season itself as it happens. Let’s go, shall we?

Furniture that is the face of spring: joy into your home!

There is a chromatic study area where we analyze colors and their effects on human psychological. This goes beyond the arts and architecture of interiors and reaches even the densest debates in the area of psychology and semiotic language.

As here we are dealing purely with the decor of your home, let’s just make a quick association between spring and the colors related to it awaken in us.

When thinking about spring, we think of roses, flowers, sunflowers, shades that are between green and purple in the chromatic circle (this will include shades of yellow, orange, red). And these colors refer to joy, to the euphoria of being cheerful.

So, the first step to choose furniture that are the face of spring, is to think about the colors! After all, this is very important and will give a whole special touch to your decor. Therefore, here the tip is to combine the colors of the chromatic circle that are between green and purple, these colors are close and provide harmony.

Be careful not to overdo the color variation. A too colorful style can cause visual pollution and compromise your entire goal of harmony between the furniture of your home!

Can only furniture make up the spring style of my house?

Absolutely not! Remember that before spring is the month of yellow, orange, red, green… It is mainly the month of plants and flowers! Use and abuse the plants in the décor of your home.

Nowadays there is an incredible variety of plants that can be incorporated into your living room to create a completely cozy, modern and ecological environment. A good tip is to mix flowers with green plants, such as the famous adam’s rib:

The Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa) is one of the best plants to use in the interiors of the houses and make up the decor, being commonly left next to sofas, or in the corner of a white wall that emphasizes its color and the peculiarity of its shape.

A room with a Swiss cheese plant harmonizes very well with elements in yellow, making your room very colorful and Brazilian, a cool option for the combination with the Swiss cheese plant are the most diverse yellow flowers existing for interior decoration.

Use and abuse the combinations, test results… The important thing is to make your house colored both through furniture and through natural elements such as plants!

An interesting and important observation to make is that the plants are ideal for an external decoration or the living room and should not be placed in large numbers in places of rest, such as rooms, as they can compromise breathing during sleep.

But what furniture is the face of spring?

We have already said in this article that the more colorful the better, and what is the business card of every house, that place where people enter and already get the view of the general aspect of the house? The living room, of course!

The main focus of living rooms, for a long time and consecrated even in visual art and cinema is the sofa. Therefore, for a well-assembled spring style house, you’ll need a sofa that radiates the power of the season.

Many modern sofas come in various colors that you will be able to choose to harmonize your house. The yellow sofa is the most classic for that purpose. But, remember, you should take into consideration the type of sofa, its coating and whether it is worth it for you, due to the sanitizing processes that every sofa must go through.

Wallpapers are also a good choice for spring colors palette, you can choose wallpapers with floral patterns or green leaves, great to compose the bedrooms of the house.

Spring in the furniture

Finally, for a good composition of the living room, you can also always opt for frames that bring in themselves the essence of the season, see some examples below:

spring on the shelves

Outdoor area: furniture that are the face of spring

In the external area, spring and fall are very similar, the only difference being that the furniture for spring will always be combined with something that brings color and life.

Wooden tables with umbrella are great places to host events and have good drinks with friends, and besides that, they are the face of the season, mainly accompanied by a beautiful green garden!

For walls, this is a good time of year to show the local crafts or any of your trips, there are beautiful and colorful art pieces made out of wood that represent the most diverse cities!

colors on the walls

Whether you are a naturally spring time person or if you just want to follow the season it doesn’t matter. Your beautiful home and you happy, will always be our only real concern!