The dream of living in the sea has arrived!

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Meet Arkup!

A floating house, refined and super comfortable. Certainly the luxury upgrades have been completed successfully.

ARKUP ship house

Arkup is a modern mansion-shaped yacht with 120 square meters and can float like a boat or stay anchored above the waves using hydraulic posts.

The project is the result of several years of research, and contribution from one of the leading Dutch designers of houseboats – the Waterstudio.NL studio – and a French interior design company.

The company followed ABYC and NMMA building standards to ensure it was a boat rather than a floating house.

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Inside, there are four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, 4 bathrooms, a swimming platform, a retractable deck, and a roof covered with solar panels that make it completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity.

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Its rainwater purification system allows to supply a freshwater tank of 15,000 liters and its structure allows to withstand winds of 155 km/h or a category four hurricane.

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The model is completely technological, with a communication system, solar energy, rainwater capture and purification system, noise-free electric thrusters to propel the yacht and four steel piles 12 meters long to raise the house above sea level when it is anchored. According to the company, Arkup is the first solar-powered habitable yacht.

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The speed of the boathouse reaches 7 knots. Solar power generates enough not only for lights and air conditioning, but also for your electric motors to run 20 miles on a single charge. This means that owners can stay in local marinas or harbors or head to remote backwater and live off the grid. In the structure are glass walls, several levels subdivided into interconnected rooms, and instant access to water.

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The first Arkup will stay in Miami, available for short- or long-term rental, where sunlight provides energy throughout the year. Would you be interested in buying? The estimated value is US$ 5.5 million (23 million reais).

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About Arkup

Arkup is a Miami-based company that pioneers fully solar-powered, self-elevating habitable yachts. The boathouse provides high-quality design combined with a technological advance, delivering luxury design, excellent quality, and technique.

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Innovation to create “future-proof blue dwellings”.