Thanksgiving: One of america’s most important celebrations

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday, as much as Christmas and New Year’s Thanksgiving is celebrated with faith, gratitude, love, and friendship.


It’s the day Americans gather around the table to celebrate, celebrate and thank. They invite friends to a rich table full of foods prepared with love and affection and receive family and friends.

Turkey is a tradition and it can’t be missed! But the goodies are many and each can take a special family recipe to make the table even more beautiful and delicious!

Thanksgiving turkey

It all began many, many years ago, in the year 1621 when the governor organized a large banquet to celebrate a great corn harvest in Plymouth, Massachusetts!

In the United States this date is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month of November during fall. And in Canada on the second, Monday of October.

celebrating thanksgiving day

But behind tradition a celebration that must be followed, as it comes full love, affection, gratitude and faith. Time to gather family and friends and thank God so much for everything he has given us.

Autumn in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere, although distinct seasons, both are transition and transformation, between the extreme winter and summer climates and vice versa.

During these periods, we can make the table in fall receive the colors orange and brown, cinnamon sticks and dried leaves and candles, can impress when hosting.


In spring why not abuse the diversity of flowers, colors and make even more cozy your thanksgiving day outdoors!

outdoor dining table
Happy Thanksgiving

The house can also receive a special decoration and get even more beautiful to have friends over.

The most important thing is to bring everyone together and bring the true meaning of being grateful for everyone and everything that we receive throughout the year!

And if you have any cool ideas for Thanksgiving, send it to us! We’ll love to get your tips!!!