How to prepare a charming reading space

Having a relaxing and comfortable space for reading is a treat that everyone should experience. How about doing a little reading “corner” at your house?

You can take advantage of a space in the living room, bedroom and even on the balcony to create a space dedicated to this moment of relaxation of your own.

To create the “corner” of the reading you need few items, but all must be well thought out so that this space is comfortable and you feel at ease.

Here’s what you need to make your reading “corner” one of your favorite places in your home.

Comfortable armchair

As you choose your reading armchair, comfort should be the most important point, so opt for a fabric, shape and design that prioritizes comfort.

A reclining armchair may be the best option, so you can change position from being seated, reclining or lying down, depending on what you prefer.

A footrest is essential for an armchair in a reading space, and it can be part of the piece that opens and closes or a separate item like a beanbag.


The lighting of the reading space is a factor that should be carefully thought, as it is a place where you can spend many hours focused on a book, having a good light source is fundamental.

This is why it is important that the space has a central light, you can also count on direct light that can be a floor lamp, table or a pendant, the important thing is to ensure good eyesight.

Curtain or blind

Natural lighting can be a great option for your reading “corner”, but depending on the schedule it can also end up being inconvenient.

To solve this, it is important to think about having curtains or blinds in case your reading space is near a window.

Curtains can be a good solution when it is necessary to fully block the light input, but the blinds, on the other hand, have the advantage of being able to control the intensity of the light, and may be a better option for the reading “corner”.


If you have enough space, take advantage of this place to put a bookcase and exhibit your books, that way the “corner” gets even better with your favorite works always in hand.

You can take advantage of the item to complement the decor by exposing, in addition to books, decorative objects, paintings, and other items of your taste, but remember that on open shelves you always need to be careful not to create a mess.

Outdoor area

Whether you own a garden, backyard or balcony, this can be the perfect place to make your reading “corner”, so you enjoy the natural light and can still have your relaxing moment right by nature or with a beautiful view.

In indoor or glass-enclosed areas you can use any type of furniture, but if the sunlight is located or is opened, opt for an armchair with waterproof fabric.

Ready for your next reading?

Creating a reading “corner” may seem silly, but after a tiring day of work, coming home and coming across a space all thought out for a moment of relaxation is rewarding.

When planning your decor, do not take into account only the visual part, remember that your home should be your safe place and for this, comfort will always be in your best interest.