Straight lines, symmetry, this project is how the project is defined!

Elegance Integration of spaces. Noble materials. Sophisticated Furniture.

The project for this triplex used these principles to overcome the architectural and ambiance challenges and transform this property into a residence that, in addition to its elegance and sophistication, allowed proper and functional use of all spaces.

The type plant should become three distinct plants to accommodate three specific functions: social and leisure area; intimate rest and wellness area and play area.

The challenge was to respect the original openings on the three floors and create elements that contextualized them according to their new uses, such as the dining room, Fumoir space, gym, and sauna, as well as the game room.

The use of straight lines and noble materials, such as marble floors and fireplace walls, has softened with color and texture punctuations on fabrics such as velvet and chenille. Each space has its own personality, but the integration is so harmonious with the extension of base coatings that the transition between them is made in a subtle and elegant way as well as the elegance of the furniture and works of art of the client’s personal collection is clear.

In addition to the properly social areas such as Living, Dining and Home Theater, on the 1st floor are the service and laundry areas, as well as a functional kitchen with pantry for daily meals and an environment, Fumoir, proper for wine and cigar tasting, a hobby of the client.

Also on the architectural interventions, the transition elements between the floors were treated with equal distinction, as in the case of the staircase that leads from the floor of the social area to the pavement of the intimate area and wellness (gym and sauna) and the elevators that give access to the 3 floors and other accessible areas of the building. The application of marbles and wood panels are no longer just transition elements to enable the other sophisticated solutions.

On the floor of the intimate area of bedrooms was thought a living room with a mini functional kitchen concealed in the closet so that, regardless of the use of the social floor, the other residents could have privacy and comfort in their home. Also on this floor was located the wellness area, where in addition to exercising directed at a wooded and regenerating view the residents could prolong the well-being and enjoy a private sauna and shower.

The bedrooms follow the same line of sophistication and elegance with the choice of materials also noble and custom furniture design for each space, while still providing the most important aspects of comfort and rest.

Finishing the tour through this luxurious apartment, we arrived at the leisure area with the game room and living room: Space with direct access by elevators and eventual exit staircase, equipped with tables suitable for games as well as living space with a support bar, toilet, and TV area. Space to meet with the same class of the whole environment, friends and guests, providing relaxation and entertainment.