Leisure areas in a luxury property


There are many elements that cannot be left out of a luxury property and one of them, undoubtedly, is the leisure area.

This space can be opened or closed, whether or not you have a swimming pool, but it should provide residents and their guests with a place to rest, party, and enjoy in leisure time.

The following are five luxury property leisure areas to inspire your project.

No pool

Outdoor area without a swimming pool

Even without a swimming pool, a property can have a luxurious leisure area, with an ideal space for parties and rest.

In a leisure area without a swimming pool, you can work on the landscaping project, create areas to prepare and eat meals, and reserve a space for a solarium.

Infinity pool

Infinite edge

One of the main stars of a leisure area can be a beautiful swimming pool, be it a single-story, suspended, or infinity edge.

The pool is an element that greatly values a luxury property, but for this, it needs to be designed with mastery in addition to having impeccable maintenance.

Indoor pool


One solution for a swimming pool to be used both in summer and winter, including on rainy days, is to build it in a covered location.

Having an indoor pool is another element that adds value to a luxury property, after all, this is an element for the few, and exclusivity is one of the factors that most value a property.

Wooden deck

Outdoor area

The wooden deck is an element that values any leisure area, being a place designed to get around a swimming pool and ideal for having chairs used for sunbathing.

The wooden deck is even more elegant with a lighting design that makes it as attractive after nightfall as during the day.

In the midst of nature


When the property is in the middle of a natural area such as a beach, lake, or mountain, integrating the outdoor area of the house to nature will add a lot of value to the space.

A leisure area with a beautiful view is already an amazing experience, an integrated area is even more exclusive and coveted.

In a leisure area some elements are fundamental, among them a beautiful landscaping project, a dining area and, of course, a place to rest.

Having a swimming pool in the leisure area can greatly enhance the project, however, even without this element, it is possible to create a very comfortable and pleasant place for parties and meetings.