Less is more: the philosophy behind the minimalist style

minimalist kitchen

Less is more: no matter what part of the world you live in or in what cycle of friendships you circulate, surely you have heard of the minimalist movement, which far beyond a decorating style has become a lifestyle.

Minimalism, contrary to what it seems, is not necessarily linked to a life of deprivation, but to a philosophy that believes that its consumer choices can be made aiming at quality and not quantity.

The idea of living with less to live better aims to minimize what you need to live, whether or not this idea is linked to a sustainable principle.

To help you understand more about this style, we have prepared some tips on how to take the minimalist philosophy into your home.

Quality rather than quantity

Less is more

If you intend to take minimalism to a luxury decoration, this is the most basic principle: quality rather than quantity.

Having fewer pieces of furniture and objects allow you to invest in quality, ensuring that everything you get lasts longer and offers you better experiences during use.

Functionality in everything

less is more

Using the full potential of each space, furniture and object that enters your project is one of the strongest characteristics of minimalism.

Before choosing each of the elements of your décor, think about how useful it can be, and always choose options that can offer greater functionality.

Avoid decorative items that do not play a practical role and do not have a real reason to be part of that space.

Evereything in its place


In a minimalist space, as all objects have their function, the location is clean and the organization is therefore critical.

A minimalist space requires a lot of organization and attention not only when decorating it, but every day, keeping it spacious and well used.

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Less is more, prioritize your needs

Before putting any element in a minimalist decoration ask yourself the question: “is this necessary”.

This way, you will be thinking not only of the visual effect of minimalist decoration but of the philosophy of the minimalist movement that preaches the concept of “less is more”.