The newest luxury boutique hotel in Florianópolis


The most beautiful and paradisiacal Boutique Hotel on the coast of Santa Catarina has just been opened in Jurerê Internacional.

Contemporary architecture that delights and excites, striking and unique, perfect for the region that stands out for being a luxury lifestyle destination with international visibility.

With the project made by architect Eduarda Tonietto and executed by Milano Incorporadora, which belongs to her family, the result is the outcome of several research trips made around the world in search of the latest in luxury hospitality, incorporating all of this design national and nature with unbelievable views.

There are 13 bungalows between 70 and 168 m² of internal area, and millions more km of external area due to their total integration with nature and the beach, which were guaranteed by the ‘’ glass walls ’’ strategically designed. All with stunning views guarantee exclusivity to the discreet and demanding guests that the hotel attracts.

The Interior Design, also developed by Eduarda Tonietto is cozy, subtle, natural and with pieces of national design signed.

The landscaping signed by Alex Hanazaki, inspired by the Brazilian tropical forests is one of the main points and it was developed simultaneously with the project, to ensure that the whole brought the experience of nature that was one of the starting points of the project.

Some kitesurfing and diving lessons in the region, yoga classes, treatments at the renowned Gaya Spa, and the complete beach structure with access made by golf carts are some differentials.

Anderson Quevedo is in charge of the kitchen with guest chef Lui Veronese, and both bring local inspirations to guests who will have the privilege of experiencing their creations.

Contemporary architecture, exclusivity, nature, national design, impeccable service, experiences, gastronomy of the best quality, breathtaking views make up the complete package making FUSO one of the most outstanding hotels in the southern region.

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Project: Eduarda Tonietto

Landscaping: Alex Hanazaki

Incorporation: Milano Incorporadora

Culinary: Anderson Quevedo

Spa: Gaya Spa