Luxury accommodation, check out how to stay in amazing places!

luxurious environment

The number of tourists staying in vacation homes abroad grows year after year and increasingly, people prioritize comfort, well-being and tranquility.

This growth in search of vacation homes is due to these factors.

Being in a vacation home is to enjoy the best of both worlds, the convenience of being in a family environment, making the family comfortable with breaking schedules, with a private pool, the freedom to be able to cook and other amenities and at the same time being on vacation, enjoying the city and its attractions.

But if you ask me, when did this trend become the public’s preference?

I would say that today’s audience has been undergoing a very big technological and global transformation in recent years. And that contributed to a natural selection. Increasingly demanding they seek the “EXPERIENCE” in the sense of feeling, experiencing, tasting, living the real experience.

For those who already enjoy the luxury and refinement in their day-to-day lives, this requirement becomes a priority when choosing a rental, and for those who have not lived or never lived this “Experience” and would like to experience, is a great opportunity.

In both cases “LUXURY” becomes indispensable and it requires a lot of creativity to please this increasingly select audience.

On the other hand, investors who position themselves in this niche of the market, are seeing a great opportunity to differentiate their product from other vacation homes, making it more attractive in the public eye, overcoming the barrier of competition and becoming unique and exclusive in the market.

Luxury is a description of good taste, refinement and sophistication. It is present in every detail, from the quality and choice of furniture, to the high level of decoration and even in the smallest details such as sheets with more than 1000 threads, cellars with selected wine labels and gifts for the customer to enjoy.

And what differs from a “traditional” house from a “luxurious” house is the sum of these details and amenities.

A well-designed decor project is the initial tip. Since its conception, where every detail is thought, measured and structured to define and transcribe the luxury and concept of the environment.

Leaving a luxurious or conceptual environment goes beyond the value of the investment. It is in the right choices of color palettes, in the structure and organization of furniture, in the custom curtains, 80″ TVs, beds in Californian standard, a high-tech world at the tip of your fingers, pieces, frames and signed furniture, an entire atmosphere that only Luxury can bring, but without good taste, a professional look at the time of the choices of each material chosen and positioned, it wouldn’t do any good to have all this in your hands. It is a set of factors that conceptualizes each project, and transforms it into its different levels.

Within the decor, we can leave you clean, modern, contemporary, classic, luxurious or conventional. Through decoration we can transform any environment into an unimaginable environment.

Mickey and Minnie bedroom

Now, if you ask me: How would I define the traveler who prefers the facilities of a house to lodging in a hotel?

The answer is very simple, this public is in search of freedom, autonomy to manage from kitchen to clothes, and by strategy, bring to the family what is closest to a home,without the formalities of a hotel.

Focused on leisure, they seek to experience everything that tourism can offer, when they are on a trip they like to go to museums, theaters, the attractions that the city offers them, such as parks and etc.

There are various types of tourism, ecological, cultural or historical. But the common point in all cases is well-being and comfort. And enjoy the best in every experience.

In Florida for example there are vacation home neighborhoods that provide 10, 15 bedrooms,structured as a hotel. An audacious challenge, each room with its minibar, Tv, closet, safe and doors with similar digital code as the settings of hotels.

The common areas are strategically programmed for guests to enjoy their dream vacation, for an audience as eclectic as the most different variables we could imagine, which they could enjoy in groups or in isolation the common areas of a house.

Everything should be judicious to the host’s taste and amenities, from organizing a Gourmet dinner with Disney princesses to a motivational talk, could be part of this structure. At Mega Home, the customer dictates the rules and their preferences are carefully met.

Meeting this select “Luxury Market” is an amazing task, because our biggest challenge is always to find within the decor the point of balance between luxury, comfort and practicality, without giving up the conceptual.