Masculine kitchen: man’s place is also in the kitchen!

Cooking man, male kitchen

There was a time, in a not-so-distant past, that we would never hear a term like ‘masculine kitchen’ because this space was always credited to the woman of the house and nothing could break this centuries-old social convention.

Well, today the kitchen is a plural space with regard to genders and men occupy more and more place in the division of household chores. In addition, there are numerous award-winning chefs around the world, with dishes developed with a lot of talent.

With the advent of men spending more time in the kitchen, came the need to adapt this space, often of predominantly feminine decoration, to a more masculine atmosphere where man feels comfortable to cook.

Today, it is also common for men to live on their own and ask for spaces that have more masculine and sober elements.

Learn about some resources used by architecture and decoration professionals with regard to a masculine kitchen.

Elements of a men’s kitchen, where to start?

First, are there elements that differentiate a masculine kitchen from a feminine kitchen? In practice, there is no color for men and color for women. There is, however, a historical social construction of which milder colors refer to the delicacy and darker and darker colors, to rigidity. Good examples are the famous barbershops that spread throughout the country. They will hardly ever will not follow the black and white and brown pattern.

Minimalist, dark and well-masculine cuisine.

In this example, the cappuccino palette goes super well with the plants and makes the space sober and refined. It allows you to receive friends and family and cook at the same time.

There are numerous styles of kitchen that refer to the masculine that you can follow, from something rustic to a more modern style.

Here are some examples:

New York Loft Style:

The New Yorker Loft style is a modern style that, as its name already indicates, comes from the lofts built in the early 2000s, combining contrast and materials with the best finish.

Large and sobriey environment, using white, brown and black

In the example above, the wood was placed with chrome coatings, including on the wall. The high seats make the space more informal and the appliances have been built in for easy use. Space signed by Viviane Lazarotto and Mobitec furniture.

Industrial style:

The industrial style will follow a more, so to speak, rustic line, the finish is made with cement, bricks, and exposed structures. There are several
materials that reproduce this concept. The industrial-style kitchen has as characteristic the predominance of shades of brown and red, with bricks on display.

Industrial style, with bricks in sight and black stools
  • High Tech:

If you are fond of the latest technologies, this style also
may be an option. Remember the old drawings and movies that depict the future with a full chrome color palette? This is the effect that the High Tech style kitchen produces, combined with black and lighting, along, of course, with the most modern appliances.

The kitchen above follows a high tech and, at the same time, minimalist standard. Here, white and chrome are used with black. Lighting, on the other hand, produces strategic shadows, a true work of art.

There are still several other styles that we can adapt to decorate a masculine kitchen, make your style happen, and make the most of this space by gathering friends. After all, it is not every day that they take over the kitchen!!