Outdoor breakfast: how to set up your table with charm

Who doesn’t like to receive friends and family at home or break a little routine and have a delicious afternoon coffee? Outdoors is even better because you can enjoy the sunset and finish the day with more cheerfulness and energy.

Thinking about it, we have put together some tips that will help you set up your outdoor afternoon coffee table in a very tasty, beautiful, charming, and elegant way. Come check it out!

afternoon cafe

Tips for setting up a charming afternoon coffee table

There are many questions about the décor, menu, quantities, and types of tableware and cutlery that should be used.

But, the fact is that it depends a lot on each family and their preferences. There are some basic rules, but they can be adapted according to the reality of each. Let’s check them out, shall we?


A basic list of what you will need and tips on how to do:

Set of cups and glasses

breakfast outdoors

Choose glass or porcelain cup always with saucers. Use pieces of the same set and that have delicate prints as floral, for example.

Also make glass or acrylic bowls available in case juice or water are served during the meeting.



Sousplat is a support for the plates, a kind of table mat set, usually made of some unusual material like wood or crochet and in various formats, which serves as support for the plates, cups and saucers.



As the event is outdoors, it is important to use fabric napkins and always with a beautiful support to hold it and make the table organized. There are several models of napkin rings, but you can opt for floral models that have more to do with the moment.



Silverwares are synonymous with refinement and tradition. So it iis a surefire way to make your afternoon coffee table full of personality and elegance.

Dessert plate


Of course the plate can’t be left out, can it? Use a dessert plate in a lighter shade and make good combination with the rest of the dishes in use.

Comfortable table and chair

table and chair

The table and chairs should be comfortable. Choose a place with indirect sunlight, close to plants and with good natural ventilation. Usually the late afternoon meets all these conditions, being the best time for this tasty meeting.

Use different containers


Remove the products from the original packaging and store them in more beautiful containers as they make the table look more organized and elegant. Use pots, cake holder, lidcans, bowls, sugar bowls and trays giving preference whenever possible to different pieces.

Opt for light colors

light colors

When choosing the colors of your table, prefer lighter shades that harmonize with each other. It’s not a rule, but it should be thought of with affection. The softer colors convey tranquility, delicacy, are cheerful and easier to match as well.

Choose adornments to decorate


After making available the basic objects of coffee on the table, it is time to complete the decoration with adornments and ornaments. Flowers are always a good choice and just a small arrangement to give more life to the table.

Porcelain birds are also an excellent option to decorate the table and make it more romantic.

What to choose for the menu?

Here the choice of each dish goes very much according to the particular taste of each family. However, the basic items are: coffee, tea, milk, juice, water, biscuits, cake, jam, fruits, cheese, butter or curd.


And how to set up the table?

Just follow the basic rule of etiquette when ordering the plates, glasses and cutlery. Follow this order: put the sousplat, on top, place the dessert plate, then the saucer and the cup upside down. The teaspoon can be next to the cup.

Now the cutlery: the fork is on the left side while the knife and spoon are on the right side. In that case, the knife needs to be on the inside, closer to the plate.

breakfast etiquette

The napkin should be next to the fork, while the bowl is just above the plate on the right side.

Then, just distribute the dishes so that they are accessible to everyone. Include a beautiful arrangement or adornment and ready. Your table is ready and full of charm.

For many families, afternoon coffee has become a tradition and whenever possible people gather to enjoy delicious food and great company. With a beautiful and charming table, this moment is much more fun and tasty.