The features that only a luxury property has

Would you know how to define what differentiates a common property from a luxury property?

Luxury residences are coveted by many, always serving as inspiration for simpler real estate decorations, luxury homes are seen as the apex of consumption.

It is not only the size, location or price that causes a property to be classified as a luxury property, but rather a range of factors.

Below, check out the prerequisites that a home must meet to enter the coveted category of luxury real estate.


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Space is something that should not be scarce in a luxury property. Perhaps the house can have a small number of rooms or bathrooms, for example, but not for lack of space, but because it is the lifestyle of that family.

The footage is not usually a problem for a luxury house, which has plenty of space for each room to have one of the most important features of a luxury property: spaciousness.

Spaciousness is what allows in the decoration to used furniture, chandeliers, doors and windows of large dimensions, which will give the environment the necessary elements to live up to the luxury property.

Sophisticated finishes

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The finishes used in a luxury property should follow the same line, using noble materials such as marble and other natural stones, noble woods, precious metals such as gold and silver, crystals, among others.

In addition to using sophisticated materials, all finishes must be made by qualified professionals who perform every detail perfectly.

Priviledged location

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Being in a privileged location is another feature of a luxury property. Whether it’s a central point of a city or a place with privileges such as access to a beach or woods, the location is a key point to classify a property as luxury.


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In a luxury property, every detail was created, planned, and executed by a professional, usually a renowned architect who signs the project as an artist signs a work of art.

A property planned by a professional offers the owners convenience, functionality, and design of a luxury environment.

Every little piece of the house is designed to make that space comfortable and make the most of everything the property has to offer.

From walls to lighting, everything must be planned so that the space meets all the needs of those who live there.


As it could not fail to be, security is an essential item in a luxury property.

A luxury property should offer owners the necessary tranquility with thoughtful protection from access to the prevention of accidents from natural causes.


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But after all, why invest in a luxury property? The answer is simple: the comfort of your family is priceless, and who can afford it does not save.

Luxury real estate properties are able to offer comfort from each of its features, offering space, quality, ease, and everything that is needed to ensure that your family lives comfortably.