Sophisticated apartment in Miami Beach by a Brazilian designer

Lightness and warmth follow the sea swing in a modern and clean space

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Engaged in work and in scientific research, a Brazilian doctor fulfilled her search for a residence where serenity, comfort, and the beach meet. This was the challenge of interior designer Flavia Gueiros, who has been working on commercial and residential projects in the United States for eight years.

The design of the 150m2 apartment on the 10th floor in Miami Beach was specially designed for the client.

“She is a focused, independent and cultured woman who values experience and rest,” says Flavia, who has worked exclusively and luxuriously. For this, each choice, from the selection of materials to the decoration objects were carefully selected.

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The result is a modern, clean, spacious apartment that blends perfectly with the wide view of the Atlantic skyline, punctuated by the shimmy view of Sunny Isles and Downtown Miami.

In the project, the privileged colors were gray, shades of beige and touches of blue harmonized with white as a background. “To bring warmth to the room and counteract with white, glass and mirror, I used nude tones.”

modern furniture

The 3D panel behind the television and the carpet with geometric prints create a sense of amplification to the apartment. The subtlety and sophistication are marked by the white coffee table and floating TV stand.

The custom-made kitchen is integrated into the dining and living rooms consisting of a white lacquer table, transparent chairs with glass bases that bring lightness, and a contemporary feeling.


Besides being a place of refuge, relaxation and tranquility, the apartment was an investment of the owner, and is rented during the year. When, finally, the holidays arrive, she enjoys the lifestyle of the seafront. That’s because the property is located in the Marina Palms Yacht Club & Residences Condominium, with 112 berths up to 100 feet long in the local marina and Yacht Club.

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