The essentials for the new living

With 580 m², the project developed by the architect Suelen Parizotto has a concept focused on the new way of living. “The exercise was to think about what is really essential to live”, says Suelen, who also proposed a different perspective regarding architecture, creating minimalist spaces, functional and integrated with nature.

the Essential for the new living

The inspiration for designing the project came from the briefing of the client, who wants to enjoy life in an innovative way. Thus, the spaces became ample and integrated, with the intention of hosting family members for leisure and enjoying the weekends. “We were able to have the privilege of keeping the view intact, as the client pilots, loves to see the sky and be in high altitudes,” points out the architect, who avoided using too many objects and lighting that would hinder the city’s incredible view.

The architectural project of this venture – which bears the signature of Arthur Casas – stands out for the exposed cement internal columns, the brises on the facade that interfere and bring a very special touch to the internal décor. The project also has an inverted baseboard, an innovative element among the construction companies and outside the standards of high-end buildings, in addition to natural coatings such as marble applied in the bathrooms. “Another highlight is the proposal of biophilic architecture presented in suspended residences that integrate into the outdoor spaces with a lot of green and nature. In addition to sustainability, the quality of life of these residents reaches another level ”, concludes Suelen.


Furniture 100% Artefacto

Functional and with refined aesthetics, the project also met the client’s requests regarding colors. For this, the architect used a base of neutral tones that helped to highlight the brown coffee color and fendi tones in the master suite. In the living room, the Navy blue Piero sofa – the resident’s favorite color – was produced exclusively by Artefacto, which is in every room of the apartment. “The furniture made all the difference in the interior design”, says Suelen, who bet on natural finishes, like linen, suede, and leather, to bring comfort and elegance. Among the used pieces, highlight to:

blue sofa

· The Piero sofa in navy blue suede;

round table

· Carrie chairs in the lunchroom, made of navy blue velvet, stealing the show:


· Kubrick sofa used in the living room;

· Carlo tables: with gold finish brought elegance and gave movement to the living room;

· Halston dining table: it has a natural blade finish and brought coziness to the project;

· The microtextures used in the suites in the compositions of headboards and bedside tables in 100% natural leather;

The essentials for the new living that is highlighted, also, for the works of art of artists such as Eliane Prolik, Ivo Gonçalo, Paolo Ridolfi, and Rodrigo Bivar, represented by Galeria Simões de Assis.

All finishes are premium and the project also has the automation of external blinds, heated floors in wet areas, automatic irrigation in external planters. “We brought a space that offers extreme care with safety, comfort, privacy, and technology to facilitate the client’s routine”, concludes Suelen.

Photos Eduardo Macarios.