Stairs that are true works of art

Stairs can be amazing pieces of decoration and real works of art.

Indispensable spaces for transit between floors, the stairs can be much more creative than if you think.

With a wide variety of styles, shapes, finishes and colors, it is essential to escape the ordinary if you want to have a spectacular staircase in your home.

The stairs can be the result of incredible choices designed to enhance the home décor even more.

For you to be inspired, we have set up 10 amazing stairs this week for you that will blow your mind.

In glass

These incredible glass steps bring a lightness to the décor.

Glass is a material that values and greatly changes the lighting of the space.

Suspended by metal structures, the steps of this transparent staircase rob the spotlight in the house.

Functional ladder

This stair model has the modern design and functionality of becoming a lounge for you to sit in.

In wood, this custom staircase gives the layout of the house a more than modern but arthritic look.

In marble

For those who love elegance and sophistication, this black marble spiral staircase, which connects the three levels of the property, causes an incredible contrast with the white stone floor and ceiling.

Integrated stairs with plants

This example of an external staircase is a project that connects the house with the garden in a harmonic junction.

Plants and gardens make the entrance to your home much more elegant, natural, and attractive.

In two flights

This type of staircase divided into two parts is a modern and bold design.

The texture of the burned cement of the staircase brings absolutely perfect complements, at the same time rustic and modern.


stair snail

The traditional spiral design, also known as a circular, is still widely used for its aesthetic appeal and space-saving work.

Perfect for occupying small spaces in the house, this staircase usually found in metal is a great option for decorating spaces.

In metal

For those looking for modern solutions, this design with metal steps with rectangular model is an interesting option for a house with industrial decoration.

Concrete floating stairs

Straight and without porch, this beautiful and minimalist floating step with handrail is perfect for a residence of modern architecture, minimalist or industrial.

The feeling is that the staircase makes you float to gain access to the top floor.

Rustic, this concrete staircase design is perfect to compose the décor with floor and ceiling in burnt cement and white walls.

Stairs with tree design

This project brings a natural and cozy atmosphere to the house.

With fluid and organic lines, we can find tree-shaped stairs or that go around an existing tree.

Ideal for those who like connection with nature and uses a lot of green and plants in the decoration

Hollow stair

This design makes the décor imposing.

The leak of this spiral design allows natural lighting to be almost an attraction of the house.

And, what now? What did you think of these real works of art? Stairs are not just meant to take you from one floor to another, after all, and the possibilities of designs, drawings, and materials are endless for you to put your creativity into practice!