The best combinations with gray in decor

The best combinations with gray in decor have its positive point because it is a color that refers to concrete, so it is able to give a sense of modernity to any style of decoration, bringing a rustic touch, but at the same time sophisticated.

Besides being a color with a lot of personality, gray can be combined with several other colors, creating a contemporary atmosphere.

Choosing the colors of each environment is one of the most difficult tasks when doing a decorating project, but with the use of gray, you will surely find good options.

Below, follow some combinations that use gray that can transform any space, giving a lot of personality and style.

Gray with turquoise

Turquoise blue is a color that brings tranquility to the environment, referring to the sea. The color when combined with gray causes a sense of counterpoint by uniting nature to concrete.

The gray with turquoise form a combination that looks good in the decor of the living room, but also in the master bedroom or a teen bedroom.

Gray with pink

Gray with pink is a combination that has gained a lot of space and has become a trend for nurseries, but also for living room or master bedroom.

Pink is a color that refers to delicacy but combined with gray can create a contemporary décor full of personality.

Gray with yellow

A modern and cheerful combination, gray and yellow is able to give a youthful look to any space.

This combination can be used in a teen bedroom or home office rooms, and still provides a perfect bohemian feel for space for drinks or gourmet space.

Gray with white

The combination of gray and white brings sobriety to any environment, whether in the living room, kitchen, or master bedroom.

Because they are two neutral colors, white in addition to gray create a sense of tranquility and cleanliness, giving an exquisite air to the decor.

Gray, black and white

If you are looking to use gray combined with shades that bring sophistication, adding black and white is the best solution.

These three colors together form a luxurious combination and combine with luxurious and grand environments.

For the master bedroom, the combination brings modernity and elegance, ideal for couples who like something more exquisite in the decor.

Grey for all tastes

Did you identify with any of these combinations? Using gray can be a great way to make your decor modern and stylish.

Whether your style is younger or more sophisticated, there is certainly a color that in addition to gray will translate your personality.