Two in one: Guest room and office

Having a room to receive visitors is something that makes the house more comfortable for both those who live in it and those who are visiting.

Therefore, often those who have an extra room in the house choose to turn this space into a guest room.

On the other hand, the extra room can be a great place to make a home office and have a quiet space to work from home.

Thinking about these two needs, a great way out is to opt for a two-in-one room: a guest room and office.

Below are some tips on how to create a two-in-one room with a lot of style and personality.

Functional furniture

In a room that wants to have two functions, the furniture needs to be as functional as possible.

To meet this need, bet on a bed that can also serve as a sofa, so you have a piece of furniture that will serve both for the times when the room will be used as an office, as in the moments that will be the guest room.

Take advantage of the bed’s own base to store bed sheets and bath linen that will be used by your visitors, so you make use of every available space and do not need to take up space from your own wardrobe.

Comfort for day and night

The guest room with an office must have some indispensable items to ensure comfort both during the day, when someone will be there working and at night when someone goes to sleep there.

For this, invest in good curtains that can block the light partially or totally, depending on the circumstance.

As this space will be used as an office, but also dormitory as well, be attentive to the lights and sounds of electronic devices such as computers or routers, they can disrupt sleep.

To avoid this discomfort, choose to place these devices in a place where the lights do not appear, or turn them off at night.

Less is more

When composing a guest room, you can receive various types of visitors, from your parents to a children’s friend, so the more neutral this space is the better.

Avoid making a very heavy decoration in the guest room with office, because it can be too much for those who work there daily, as well as it can be uncomfortable for those who will use that space as a dormitory.

Opting for neutral colors, simple furniture, and avoiding excess adornments like paintings and embellishments is the best option. In addition to making the space neutral, you will not have great difficulties with cleaning and the maintenance of this room.


Use this extra room in your home to store objects like books, disks, office supplies, so you free up space from other parts of the house and create a storage space there.

You can opt for a bookcase in the office to make a small library, and elegant still helps you in organizing. Choose to have some parts of the bookcase with door or drawers, that way you can store some objects that are not decorative without making the mess visible.

Enjoy your home

Using every space in your home in the best possible way will provide you with comfort, organization and well-being.

With two in one room, you guarantee a space to work during the day, as well as a place to receive your guests in a comfortable and organized way.

Know the potential of your home and enjoy everything it can offer you, in return take care of it with great affection, with tips from Decor Influencer.