The peculiarities of the American style of decoration

A typical American-style decoration home has some details that are part of the country’s decorating style, bringing together aesthetics, comfort, and large spaces.

The versatility and functionality are also peculiarities of this style that is based on an integrated plant for easy circulation and communication between the rooms.

Therefore, speaking of the American style not mentioning the open concept is impossible, since the integration between the living room, dining, and kitchen is a strong feature of this style.

Open space

The living area of the house unites beauty and functionality to gather family and friends in the coziest way possible.

The concept of breadth and warmth extends outside the living area taking the aesthetics combined with comfort to the other rooms.

Below, check out some peculiarities of the American style of décor and get inspired for your projects.

Spacious living room

The living area with plenty of space is ideal to house furniture of large structures that embrace residents and visitors.

The large spaces are largely due to the lack of walls and obstacles that prevent movement between spaces and create visual barriers.

Natural light

Large doors and windows allow the entrance of plenty of natural light, something valued in the American style.


With the use of light and translucent curtains, the passage of light is used throughout the day, making the rooms even more comfortable and increasing the sense of amplitude of the space.

The American kitchen

open kitchen

One of the most important places of an American house is certainly the kitchen, because it brings together family and friends in a large and functional location.

The island in the kitchen is an icon of the American style, which values communication between those who are cooking and those who are around. This element can also be replaced by the counter, that provides the same experience.

Vintage furniture

Vintage Kitchen

Furniture inspired by past decades, or even refurbished, is a strong feature of the American style.

Because they maintain the standard of furniture of great proportions and balance the classic with the modern, they are ideal for American homes.

Color palette

The American-style color palette values light tones, especially white, with pastel-colored details.

In addition, wood is usually used in natural tones both on furniture and on stairs, ceilings and floors.

color palette

Cathedral ceiling

The cathedral ceiling is one of the elements that is part of many American-style houses, taking full advantage of the potential height of the house to make the spaces wider.

The cathedral ceiling can enhance both a master bedroom as well as the living room, exploring as much as possible the space between the floor and the roof.


More than a decorating style, American homes represent a lifestyle of families who are used to valuing large and integrated environments.

The possibility of having versatility and functionality in American homes allow the same residence to serve the family year after year, in different stages of their children’s growth.