Wine cellar: For each model a function!

Having a glass of wine has already become a fairly common habit for most people. Even so, it is still considered a luxurious practice, especially when you have a wine cellar at home storing bottles of the drink for those special moments.

It is wrong who thinks that to have a wine cellar at home you need to be a wine expert.

In fact, you can just know how to enjoy it. Check out below tips from wine cellars that will compose the décor of your home with great refinement and sophistication.

Wine cellar

10 luxury wine cellars that will transform your space

There are three basic wine storage conditions:

  • Correct temperature
  • Resting position
  • Proper lighting

With this information in mind, it is time to meet and choose the wine cellar that meets these requirements.

The first five options are household appliances found in specific stores that meet different needs.

1. Embedded wine cellar

An embedded wine cellar can be used independently. Air-conditioned, with a double zone that allows the storage of various types of wines at once. Holds more than 100 bottles.

Wine cellar

2. Professional wine cellar

The Viking professional vertical wine cellar has an external stainless steel finish and triple-zone. It is the most viewed wine cellar in culinary television programs and in the kitchens of American series. With an elegant design and beautiful color combination, Viking is an excellent choice for your home.

Professional wine cellar

3. Sommelier Kit

This kit is ideal for those who love to taste a good wine but do not give up a cold drink. The wine cellar holds up to 28 bottles of wine while the minibar supports up to 88 liters. With digital control and 6 wooden shelves with steel edges, the wine cellar has a compressor that prevents temperature change. The door is made out of glass and stainless steel.

Small in size, the kit fits perfectly in any space offering comfort, convenience, and elegance to the place.

modern wine cellars

4. Brastemp Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Brastemp’s wine cellar has dual-zone technology and holds up to 33 bottles. The dashboard is a touchscreen, the shelves in wood finish, glass door, and metal handle. It is a great device for those who do not give up comfort, despite the little space at home.


5. Wine cellar 12 bottles

A small wine cellar option, for up to 12 bottles and with the option to keep some of them standing, perfect for storing wines that have already been opened. The cellar has an LED display indicating temperature and an ecological insulator without CFC.

12 bottles

Those who prefer a larger, more spacious, elegant and personalized wine cellar can opt for the planned wine cellars, following the same recommendations already listed as adequate lighting, wine always lying down, in the resting position and away from the heat.

Another tip at the time to plan your wine cellar is to think of different spans to accommodate different shapes of bottles or invest in mobile shelves that perform this function well. See examples.

6. Wine cellar on the balcony

Wine cellar on balcony

A wine cellar on the balconyis a great option for those who love to have a glass of wine enjoying the movement outside. A wine cellar comforts several bottles of wine, ideal for those who like partying and love the variety of drinks. Source: Olegário Sá Arquitetura

7. Wine cellar in the kitchen

A wine cellar with a cleaner look, different from traditional dark tones. Next to it, a placeholder for the stoppers of the drinks already consumed. The lighting emphasizes the beauty of the cellar’s light colors and reinforces the sophistication of the space. Source: Instagram Decora Pow

Wine cellar in the kitchen

8. Wine cellar with tasting table

In this beautiful wine cellar, it is not only the bottles of wine that stand out but also the table to gather wine lovers. Perfect place to chat with friends. Source: Oka Architecture

wine cellar with tasting table

9. Wine cellar in an apartment hallway

Apartments can also accommodate an amazing wine cellar. Just know how to make the most of the spaces. In this case, it was the hallway of the apartment that gained a new function. Source: Lacava custom cellars

wine cellar in the hallway

10. Wine cellar under the stairs

You don’t need a big space to create the wine cellar of your dreams. Luxury and refinement can also be present in small creations such as this wine cellar that occupies the space under the stairs and takes advantage of every inch to create a really useful and functional place. Source: Architect Jordana Lanza


Best wines of 2019

To enhance your wine cellar, there is nothing better than to choose a tasty and award-winning wine, isn’t it? See a selection of 10 of the 30 wines considered the best of 2019 according to Vivino, an important online wine market.

1. Cabernet Sauvigno 2015, from Scarecrow (California, USA)

2. La Tâche Grand Cru 2000, from Domaine de La Romanée (France)

3. Sangiovese Tuscany 2006 (Italy)

4. Very Old Single Harvest Port 1968 (Portugal)

5. Red 2014, from Viñedo Chadwick (Chile)

6. Lindaflor La Violeta Malbec 2010 (Argentina)

7. Single 1995, from Veja Sicilia (Spain)

8. Brut Champagne 1998 (France)

9. Grand Vin Pauillac 1982, from Châteu Latour (France)

10. Amarone dela Valpolicella Classico 2003, from Quintarelli Giuseppe (Italy)

The luxury wine cellars are increasingly present in the homes of wine lovers, being part of the décor and transforming the environment into a more modern and sophisticated space. Planned or not, the important thing is that the wine cellar meets your preference and taste.