What can’t be forgotten when it’s time to move?

Many people are terrified of moving. Having to store objects in every room in the house, living for a few days in a slightly chaotic space and having to reorganize everything in a new space creates tension and stress when it’s time to move. There are so many details that require attention that it is really difficult to take care of everything.

Changing addresses is an exhausting task, but it is well worth it. After all, one of the best feelings is entering a new home. Of course, in order to achieve this incredible feeling, it is necessary to go through some essential tasks.

A house has different sets of utensils, but the ones that are usually among the most remembered when moving are the cupboards, refrigerator and beds. Of course they are essential in a new home, but have you ever thought how annoying it would be to wake up in the middle of the night to drink water and not have a glass? Or to have someone visiting and remember that the toilet does not have a towel? But it is difficult to remember these little details when you have an entire move to organize.

Check out this selection of essentials that you need to ensure you have in your new home as soon as you move. Are you ready to check the list?

Moving: don’t forget this!

Yes, all the items on this list are essential and you can not fail to buy, but there are some issues that we suggest paying special attention to. The first one, in fact, does not have much to do with the functionality of the space, but you will thank us after you check if they are in your new home: your documents! Remember to keep documents such as voter registration, passport, birth certificates and diplomas in a safe place. Ah, it also needs to be a place that you will not forget and end up thinking that you left it in the old house.

Another item that you need to ensure is a basic cleaning kit. After all, a good cleaning is the first thing done in a new home. Cloths, brooms, buckets, bleach and disinfectants are essential for your first post-moving days.

Also make sure you have plug adapters, flashlights, candles and a tool box with items for basic repairs, such as a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, double-sided tape, screws and nails.

Finally, remember to have a box with basic medicines, such as the ones you take daily, pain relievers, muscle relaxants and antipyretics. Also, have some basic pharmacy items, like bandages and hydrogen peroxide.

Room to room

Once you know the basics, it’s time to find out what each room in your home needs as soon as you move.

For the kitchen, make sure you take plates, cutlery, glasses, cups and pans, such as a frying pan, pressure cooker, kettle and two different sizes of a conventional pan. That is, the items that are essential for the first meals. Then, buy organizers, pots, cake tins, specific cutlery, appliances and objects to make a good table.

In the bedroom, the essential items are few: mattress, pillow, sheets, pillowcases, comforter and hangers will help you in the first week. For the bathroom, don’t forget face and bath towels, bath mat, trash can and soaps.

Finally, complete the cleaning kit we mentioned above with other items for your laundry, such as squeegee, dustpan, ironing board, drying rack and clothes pin.